Thanksgiving is here and we thought we would extend our thoughts on thankfulness in this crazy season of life! A few love notes from our family to yours as a reminder to take the time to give a little thanks…

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Morgane, the Editor:

“There is a difference between happiness and joy. Happiness relies on circumstance: it’s made of the collective efforts of environmental chance. It’s ephemeral and recklessly fleeting, and when the circumstance goes, so too goes the happiness. Joy is different. Joy sees beyond the fog of circumstance, past the imperceptible haze, and more so it has the tenderest habit of giving even the dreariest of surfaces its unique gilding. Thankfulness is extending that joy out into the world for the sheer sake of seeing its radiance, and the happy effect of it all is its penchant for revealing even the most modest of blessings we possess—thankfulness is joy with wings.

Now, I cannot venture to say that I have always exercised thankfulness in life, or even joy, but I have come to know that both are active states that come with counting every tattered and war-torn beatitude in my life. I am blessed. I am blessed beyond all measure! I daily hustle a hustle that is far from simple but even farther from dimming my spirit, I feel the many-labored supports of a tribe of friends who freely and steadfastly encourage me, and I have the love of a family whose ceaseless and endless graces see me through my very many wanderings.

I am blessed. I am blessed… beyond all measure. And I give thanks to a God who sees my life in all its boundless iniquities and still sees fit to cast it full with light!

We all have so very much to be thankful for—even when things don’t go according to plan, when our dreams don’t match our realities, even when it seems that world itself is cloaked in darkness—we are here. We’re breathing. We’re fighting. We’re loving. Fiercely. And that, my friends, is worth all the thanks in the world.”

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Jenna, Brand & Relations Manager:

“When I think about thankfulness, something else that comes to my mind is contentment. During a personal season of life where things are transitioning so much, I’m focusing on being content and present. Instead of wishing for things to happen quicker or better, I’m choosing to be content. With that, comes thankfulness. Being in a spirit of thankfulness means I’m able to soak up the goodness of my friendships and relationships. I’m able to appreciate the growth and change that’s come in the past year. And I’m able to rest in fact that everything is a process. Learning to be content in the present allows for so much freedom. My heart overflows with gratitude for the wonderful people in my life that love me and cheer me on. I’m thankful for my loved ones who are steady supporters and constant encouragers. Being able to link arms with these people is one of my biggest blessings!”

Amanda, our fierce Fall 2017 Intern:

“I’m so thankful for my relationship with Christ. Without him, I would be a wreck, unable to further any other relationship I have. There are many blessings I don’t deserve but am so thankful for!”

photo by Simon Ly Photography in our Breathtaking Seaside Engagement Session in The Azores feature

Brent, The White Wren’s Publisher:

This season, I’m realizing more and more that all the hustle, busyness, and work aren’t worth much if you don’t spend time investing in the relationships of the ones that you love. At the end of life, we can’t take our life’s work with us, but we can leave behind memories etched in the lives of the ones that were most dear to us through our life journey. As you look around your Thanksgiving table at the faces of those that you love, remember to take some time with each of them … put away your smart phones and distractions and invest in some quality time together.

I’m thankful for these relationships in my own life, and am purposing to spend more time investing in them. Will you join me?”

photo by Ashley Holstein Photography in our Loving Florida Waterside Anniversary Session feature

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