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Thanksgiving Inspiration

Morgane, our Editor: 

“Thankfulness. That word has come with great effort this year. 

It’s difficult to feel thankful for the ocean when you feel the waves might soon overcome you. If I’m honest, this year has been a difficult one: I’ve seen every stress of years past tenfold, chased them with some serious heartache, and tacked on a bit of a health crisis for good measure. And I, like most, can often feel like I’m drowning. Like somehow Wellbeing is a boat that forgot a passenger in the water and never even noticed. Like I watch its pinprick form disappear into an everlasting horizon, knowing it will never turn back.

But that, my friend, is a lie.

It’s not called Thanksgetting for a reason. Thankfulness is an activity, an exercise of the soul, that you give and give and give beyond the walls of your circumstance. Thankfulness makes you well — with whatever you are given — simply because it is well with your soul. 

Because it’s easy to look at your perfect life and count all the ways you don’t have to worry. but it takes true thankfulness to be given hardship and not be found wanting.

So as this year wraps up, and though I have more questions than I ever started with, I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is a great and good plan in all of it. That nobody hurts for nothing. That God is always working. And that I am thankful that in all this lonesome struggling He has never left my side.”

Best Wedding Inspiration Blog Thanksgiving Inspiration

Ashley, Social Media & Communications Manager: 

“Thankfulness stems from overflowing gratefulness in our hearts. Knowing that no matter our circumstances, we truly are blessed beyond all measure. It’s all too easy to start comparing our lives to other people’s, and we quickly forget all the goodness and grace in our own lives. Instead of comparing; what would happen if we shifted our mindset from living in competition to living full of thanks. We have the privilege to drink in the grandeur of this world, spend time with those we love oh, so dearly, and love each other lavishly? I think we all would be a lot more joyful and well – grateful!”

Katie, Brand & Relations Manager: 

“I’m so thankful for this time of year being surrounded around friends and family. After a full year of going living a fast pace lifestyle, it’s the season of slowing down, putting away the focus of being connected with social media and be present with the ones who mean the most to you. At the end of the day, the connections with family and other loved ones are so much more important than a digital profile.

I am so blessed. So blessed in so many ways I can’t even put into words. I thank God everyday for these blessings that are far more than I deserve!”

Alyssa, our fearless Intern:

“This Thanksgiving I’m thankful for so many things. I’m thankful that I graduated college when only two years ago I was terrified I wouldn’t get into my program, I’m thankful I have found my passion with photography, and I’m especially thankful for my family for helping me every step of the way.”

Best Wedding Inspiration Blog Thanksgiving Inspiration

Brent, our Publisher: 

“Sometimes in the bustle of this holiday season, I feel like Thanksgiving often gets overlooked in favor of the commercialized Christmas holiday. While often the holiday season becomes an obsession with giving and getting, Thanksgiving sits there quietly as a reminder of gratefulness. It requires no expensive lavishment, just sincerity and words and actions expressed to those that are around us. While gratefulness can definitely be expressed year round – the holiday is a nice reminder to slow down, and thank those who support us in this journey called life.

I am so grateful for this team who works tirelessly on The White Wren. It’s a very tough time for wedding publications in general to stay alive, and figuring out how to keep spreading our message while maintaining revenue is all a learning curve! I’m thankful to my wife who is my anchor through all of our business endeavors, and for my family who makes me smile every day.

This year, let’s put some thankfulness into action. Think of 2-3 people you are truly grateful for, and show them how blessed you are to have them in your life by a tangible action to them. Instead of just speaking thankfulness, let’s look for some concrete ways to bless those who impact our lives!”

Best Wedding Inspiration Blog Thanksgiving Inspiration

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