The White Wren is an authentic collection of organically inspired, timelessly elegant weddings devoted to the steadfast promotion of strong, lasting marriages.

We believe that your wedding day should be a heartfelt portrayal of the union it celebrates – two passionate souls with likes and dislikes, favorite cake flavors, thoroughly laughable dance moves, laugh-until-you-cry memories, rich family histories, and one all-consuming similarity: love. We’re not about trend-following, because our goal is to help you craft a wedding day that tells your love story — a wedding with heart and thought and a timeless mentality, the kind of day that lasts long after the guests go home. We believe in authentic.

We also believe in marriage. And not just the wedding day ‘marriage’  — we believe in everything that comes after that. Because at the end of the day, a new legacy begins. Your wedding day is the first bookend to a grand new adventure of marriage that the two of you will embark on, and we believe this is the most important step in your journey together.

We believe in love: the kind of love that knows how you like your eggs in the morning, the kind that wraps you in a hug after a long day, or is content to simply sit next to you. We believe in the kind of love that slow dances in the kitchen, the kind that takes work—the kind of love that teaches you how to love, or indeed, what love even is in the first place. We also believe that the love that Jesus gives us is the most ideal example of how we should love each other – selflessly, and with no expectations. We believe that with Christ at the center of each marriage, it sets the path for a successful and lasting relationship.

We believe in running the good race, hand in hand, and our dearest wish is that The White Wren would remain a part of your big beautiful journey long after that second ring makes a home on your left hand.


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The White Wren