A Farewell from the Editor

Hello sweet friends,

I want to thank you.

Over two years ago, I sat in the office of our publisher Brent’s home as we dreamed up the beginnings of The White Wren. We didn’t have a name, our brand colors were an absolute mystery, and my hands had yet to prattle away on my keys to the tune of our very first blog post — but as I teetered in my office chair, I could see it… I could see it all…

Since then, I’ve had the immeasurable blessing and often seemingly-insurmountable challenge of cultivating this little nothing into a very beautiful something. I’ve watched as our team of two grew to three, then to four, and beyond. I’ve watched as countless photographers, stylists, and creatives entrusted us with their work, their painstaking passions, and heart’s greatest toil. I’ve seen love, after love, after love, after love cross my existence, and penned their realities into narrative with my own brand of blood, sweat, and tears.

I’ve watched the little egg hatch, I’ve watched it grow… and now, my friends, I’ll watch it fly. After nearly two years of carefully and lovingly raising The White Wren, it seems that in a twist of roles I will be the one to leave the nest. It’s a decision I do not take lightly, a weight that has swayed in pendulum on my heart, but as I type these words and cast the voice of this decision out into the never never of the internet, I feel peace. I know this is where I am meant to be, I feel it’s stillness within my bones…

I want to thank you. I want to thank you for everything, all of it, every moment. You — this bright and blessed community — have helped me find my feet in ways I could never have imagined. I am fortified and gilded in all my weathered cracks.

And as I walk into this new chapter, I cast a look over my shoulder, and see the tattered loveliness in my wake, and I know… It is well with my soul.

be blessed,

Moody Wedding Inspiration

photo by Ali Marissa Photography

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