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Around a family style dinner with some of my talented industry friends, I shared my vision for The White Wren. I asked what an ideal wedding blog would look like, and how it would best serve the community of wedding vendors while giving brides something unique for inspiration. In a sea of established wedding blogs, why would we start another one and how would it be different?

I found that much of what was in our hearts mirrored the feedback we received. There was a need for a publication with a fine art aesthetic, but which still felt relatable to brides. One that put it’s vendor community first, and sourced content through them and featured their work regularly. One that promoted restful design inspiration, and timelessness to brides over trendiness. Above all, one that promoted marriage over perfect wedding days.

I’ve always had a big heart for creating community, and my heart is full at the prospect of creating this big, vibrant community that connects brides and grooms with some of my favorite vendors in the wedding industry. And now, with our growth into the family sector, we hope to start connecting all the legacy pieces of life together into one inspirational volume.

With you in creating memories,

Brent Deitrich
Founder & Publisher

Wrens were intentionally chosen for our blog because they’re known to mate for life and are not showy birds, symbolizing our heart to share content that reflects genuine and lasting love in marriage.

A movie usually ends when a couple realizes their love for one another and gets married; however, life beyond the wedding is rarely shown because it’s not picture perfect. That’s what a real marriage is.

A true marriage requires work. It requires nourishment and extending grace to the other person. But most importantly, a marriage requires love that persists through the highs and lows, despite the circumstances.

Being married to my husband has been the most beautiful thing not only because of the joy we share but also because of moments of growth. We have a sweet little boy that reminds us of how blessed we are that our lives intersected at the right moment for us to be able to build a beautiful life as one.

Thank you for stopping by to get to know us! We hope you find inspiration here; but more importantly, we hope you find the love that lives in each photo we share.

Vanessa Lee
Communications Manager

Born & raised in a small town, I’m a bit less refined than some but nevertheless I love photographing natural moments & curated details. I’m drawn to the beauty of fine art but still love a good laid back event just as much. I greatly enjoy documenting beautiful moments that will be turned into lasting memories, while also creating an amazing & fun experience throughout the time with my couples. I have fallen in love with the bright timeless look that film can give & that is the inspiration for my photography style. I want my clients to walk away with photos that they will still love 20 years down the road. Images that will be enduring no matter how many fads come & go.

Joining The White Wren team has been an amazing opportunity & allows me to be involved with some of the industry’s finest individuals. It’s also allowed connections with others that wouldn’t have been possible without The White Wren, which is amazing because that falls hand in hand to what’s important to us here, connecting with others.

Alexis Lunsford
Blog & Digital Editor

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