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I believe in the power of stories, their ability to tap into humanity and nourish the spirit. I also believe in love—and not just the grand gesture, hot air balloon ride under the Northern Lights, Oscar-worthy-performance kind of love. I believe in the kind of love that knows how you take your coffee, the kind that is made of slow dances in the kitchen and whose arms feel like home—that small, quiet, human kind of love that shakes the soul and awakens the heart to this ordinary, extraordinary life.

One of the finest blessings of my life has been to witness the marriage of my parents. Thirty plus years has seen them through four children and as many homes, an international move, several jobs, and endless home improvement projects. With those decades of love and loss—they still kiss in the kitchen, they still hold hands in department stores, they’re not afraid to fight… they’ve loved and love still. And it all started on a sunny August day in 1985… where my mother was heinously late to her own wedding and my father thought he’d been left at the altar. It’s a picture of imperfectly perfect love that I carry with me in life, love, and livelihood.

Stories are a part of us—we live them every day, and there is such tender beauty in a life well lived and well loved. It is my hope that in The White Wren, you would find stories and imagery with this same sort of authenticity and timelessness. I hope it pulls at your heart, and inspires you to create a beautiful legacy of your own—and maybe, we will be so blessed as to tell your story some day soon.

With great love and such joy,

Morgane Erisman

Around a family style dinner with some of my talented industry friends, I shared my vision for The White Wren. I asked what an ideal wedding blog would look like, and how it would best serve the community of wedding vendors while giving brides something unique for inspiration. In a sea of established wedding blogs, why would we start another one and how would it be different?

I found that much of what was in our hearts mirrored the feedback we received. There was a need for a publication with a fine art aesthetic, but which still felt relatable to brides. One that put it’s vendor community first, and sourced content through them and featured their work regularly. One that promoted restful design inspiration, and timelessness to brides over trendiness. Above all, one that promoted marriage over perfect wedding days.

I’ve always had a big heart for creating community, and my heart is full at the prospect of creating this big, vibrant community that connects brides and grooms with some of my favorite vendors in the wedding industry.

With you in marriage and beautiful inspiration,

Brent Deitrich
Founder & Publisher

If there’s one thing that I’m passionate about, it’s building others up and encouraging them in their strengths. I believe each of us has our strengths and talents, which alone is a beautiful thing. But what’s even more beautiful is the joining of these gifts into something greater. I believe we are all created to want to feel a part of something. That echoes in our relationships and friendships, even in the way we feel when a stranger smiles at us.  This too is carried throughout marriage, a journey that naturally welds two people into a unit that is better together because of their different gifts and passions.

Here at The White Wren, we treasure the idea that two people can create a life together built on love and the beauty of our innate uniqueness as individuals.  I hope we get the chance to tell your story as you are embarking on building a life-long legacy with your loved one.

My deepest wish is that you find a sense of community and inspiration here. The White Wren is a place that not only cherishes beautiful imagery, but also deeply values the people and authentic stories behind the photographs. Getting to know peoples’ stories and passions brings me so much joy, and I hope I get to know yours soon.

Cheering fiercely for you,

Jenna Markiewicz
Brand & Relations Manager

What is deep-rooted and abiding against the test of time? The incredible journey that begins with a wedding. We love weddings and their intrinsic visual beauty, but even more than that we love the companionship, the togetherness of families, and the bond that is forged between two beating hearts. The bride’s gown is beautiful, surely, but the quiet glances filled with love and the soft stolen kisses between husband and wife are even more meaningful. That’s the kind of story we love to share, the intangible intimacy between two people.

I come from a military family and because we moved so much, family was all we had. After my own wedding, that sense of community with another person opened up a whole new adventure, and a whole lot of tough sacrifices. The real, the raw, and unbridled truth about marriage is that it’s difficult and The White Wren doesn’t pretend that difficulties don’t exist. In fact, we celebrate it because those times of battling through hardship in the valleys lead to some amazing views on the mountaintops.

My wish for you is that we can share your valleys and mountaintops. There is truly nothing more beautiful than that.

Until then,

Ashley Watters Gartner
Social Media & Communications Manager

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