Washington DC Spring Engagement

Prepare to be enchanted by the stunning Washington DC Spring engagement session for Chris and Haley. Filled with delicate details that will surely inspire your own love story, this session is a true testament to the magic of romance. Chris and Haley’s breathtaking engagement session was filled with delicate details that are sure to inspire. The marble columns of the United States Supreme Court were the perfect backdrop the begin this couple’s session and Haley wowed in her dusty blue tulle gown with a bouquet of white sweet peas and ranunculus. While the rising sun bathed our Nation’s Capital in its golden glow, Chris and Haley shared kisses on the steps, before heading to Washington, D.C.’s Carp Pond. After a quick outfit change, Haley and Chris shared a few intimate moments beneath the willows. The couple met online in early 2021 and has been engaged since Chris proposed at the War Memorial in February of 2023. Hoping for an intimate wedding, the couple is planning to get married in Tuscany at Ca’ di Pesa in September of 2024 amongst their closest family and friends.How did you two meet? What were your first impressions of one another? Haley found dating apps to be daunting and decided to have some fun with it so she let her older sister, Chelsea, swipe through her account while at a bar during the 2020 Christmas holiday season. Little did she know, she initiated the start of something very special for the two of them. They quickly hit it off and had their first date at The Pinemoor restaurant in Arlington, VA where they met for drinks on January 7th, 2021. Haley’s first impression of Chris was that he was kind, attentive, and respectful. Chris’s initial impression of Haley was that she was kind, beautiful, and intelligent. Tell us a funny story relating to your wedding day or relationship! Neither of us were sure if we were supposed to order dinner on our first date so we settled on an appetizer – fried goat cheese balls. We both had a bite and were too shy to say we were still hungry. Looking back, this choice is comical to us and we revisit the Pinemoor restaurant around the same time each year to order the same thing. Chris quickly learned about Haley’s poor sense of directions when she offered to drive him to his car and turned down a one way road in the wrong direction. Thankfully, they were safe and laughed this off (and low key mortified). What part of your wedding day was/is most important to you? We both think our favorite part of our wedding day will be walking down the aisle to start our ceremony. We decided against a first look because this moment is something we know will be incredibly special and shared in the presence of our family and friends. If we had to guess who will cry, it will likely be Chris (but probably both of us). If you had one piece of advice for other couples, what would it be? We originally started to plan a wedding in the US that included all of our extended family and friends. While this would have been a good option and meaningful to have everyone there, it didn’t feel authentic to what we always said we wanted (small and intimate). We became increasingly stressed during the planning process and felt the pressure of needing to please everyone while trying to figure out what would make us truly happy. We eventually started to talk about having a micro-wedding abroad with close family and friends instead. When we decided to go this route, we felt instant relief and started to get excited about figuring out all of the details. We encourage other couples to try to stick to what their original vision was for their wedding and to not let other people’s thoughts and opinions overtake what will make you happy on your special day. We are beyond grateful to feel supported by those who are traveling with us and are so exited to have the wedding we’ve always wanted. Photographer: Svenja Bauer
Venue: The Supreme Court of the United States & Constitution Gardens
Stylist / Planner / Designer: Svenja Bauer
Floral Designer: April Rowe
Dress Boutique Baltic Born
Film Lab: Photo Vision

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