A Little Snowy Bliss: Matt & Elizabeth

A Little Snowy Bliss: Matt & Elizabeth

Snow Engagement Session Inspiration

Is it too soon to celebrate a little winter wonderland? Because these two are serving it up in masterful helpings! Matt & Elizabeth took a wander around their university’s hushed, snow-covered grounds with their faithful pup and Sarah Porter in tow — and what resulted was a delightful picture of simple magic!

A word from photographer Sarah Porter:

“Physical spaces can evoke a different meaning with a turn of a season. My engagement session with Matt and Elizabeth took us to a dreamy and quiet snowy landscape of the often-bustling college campus of the University of Colorado in Boulder. And even though it was chilly in the snowfall, nothing would quiet the burning bliss shared between them.

Matt and Elizabeth’s engagement shoot was one of my most magical engagement sessions to date. The campus was empty and created this breathtaking and peaceful winter wonderland that felt like we were inside our own snow globe. There’s a calming silence that only the winter can bring and the brisk chill of the air just drew this wonderful couple closer together.

There’s a comforting joy and humor felt between Matt and Elizabeth, and it only shined brighter in the snowy landscape of the empty campus. As the snow fell on them (and their four-legged companion, Otto, a German Shepard) while they danced, the place looked like it was made just for them.

During the session, we found shelter and solace in the archways of the campus buildings and snow-laden trees that hovered over as an audience bearing witness to the happy and beaming couple.

As Matt and Elizabeth walked hand-in-hand through the snowy-white ethereal landscape, there was excitement from each step into what will come in the future — what new joys each season will bring. And it only proved that it doesn’t matter what circumstances they find themselves in, they will navigate it together.”

Love notes from the couple, Matt & Elizabeth:

How did you two meet?

Elizabeth: “Matt and I met at work. Yes, yes, we dealt with more than a few skeptical friends and family members worried about what if it turned out badly… well, lucky for us, it didn’t!”

Tell us a funny story relating to your relationship!

Elizabeth: “The funniest story leading up to our wedding day is about how Matt proposed. We had just landed in Dublin for a 2 week trip around the coast of Ireland when Matt’s heart sank as he didn’t see his luggage come out at baggage claim. The airline had lost his bag and being the goofball he is, he had put the ring in there! He kept it together really well and I had no idea what was going on in his mind. Luckily, the suitcase finally got delivered a few days later and the ring was on my hand minutes after that. He didn’t want that responsibility any longer! I’m so happy everything turned out in the end, and we got to enjoy the rest of our trip as a newly engaged couple!”

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What part of your wedding day was most important to you?

“The most important part of our wedding day was hearing each others vows. We really personalized our entire ceremony and knew from the day we got engaged that we wanted to write our own vows. They ended up complimenting each other perfectly — we both mentioned a few of the same inside jokes and also touched on looking forward to your future and starting a family together. I wouldn’t have changed anything about our ceremony!”

What was your favorite part about planning your wedding?

Elizabeth: “My favorite part was dress shopping. I just felt like a princess in everything I tried on! It wasn’t really a stressful process for me like it can be for some brides. I just felt so loved and celebrated being with my mom and my best friends that day.

Matt’s favorite part was definitely tasting the food and picking a caterer. Matt grew up around the restaurant industry and his dad was a chef. He’s always loved to cook and so it meant a lot to him to have good food at our wedding.”

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If you had one piece of advice for other couples, what would it be?

“Regarding wedding planning, only do it when it’s fun. If you are feeling frustrated or confused, take a day or week or month off! There’s no point in forcing yourself to do something that’s supposed to be happy and fun.

Regarding relationships, never get complacent. A relationship is constantly changing and the worst thing you can do is stop putting in the effort you did early on. It’s hard, but it’s so worth it! One of things that has led to our success as a couple is never taking each other for granted. We both always feel like the other one is a tiny bit too good for us.”

What is the most honest thing you can say about love?

“It’s all around us. significant others, friends, family, pets…everyone is loved by someone! And feeling loved is the best feeling in the world!”

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photographer: Sarah Porter Photography / venue: University of Colorado / film lab: The Find Lab / additional vendors: Patagonia & Hunter

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  1. Sarah Porter

    26 November

    Thank you for the beautiful feature. There really is nothing quite like Colorado covered in a blanket of snow.

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