Amy & Ramon’s Barcelona Engagement

Amy & Ramon’s Barcelona Engagement

Oh sweet Barcelona! This session is filled with beautiful and old world architecture and lovely light! Amy & Ramon came to Barcelona from California since they are celebrating their wedding here.

from the photographer – For me is very important to meet my destination clients in person before the wedding. So, when I get a chance, I really appreciate it. Also, it was an opportunity to take the engagement photos for this sweet couple. After some of insights I gave them about sunrise photo shoots, Amy and Ramon decided that waking up at 5am won’t be a problem as far as we can take photos without crowds. They chose two locations that represent Barcelona – Park Güell and Gothic Quarter. This engagement session was such a great way to freeze up this very special moment of their life.”

How did you two meet? What were your first impressions of one another?

We met in a Bachata class, which is a type of latin dance. As soon as Ramon walked into the class, Amy noticed his perfectly groomed goatee and kind brown eyes. When the instructor asked the class to choose dance partners, they made eye contact immediately, and Ramon walked up to Amy and took her by the hand. As they began talking, he noticed her cheerful and positive personality and her passion for traveling, which the soon-to- be-couple bonded over immediately.

Tell us a funny story relating to your wedding day or relationship!

Although we met in a Bachata class, we actually had many “close encounters” beforehand. We had attended the same university. We lived in the same dorm. We had mutual college friends. We went to the same Rick Steve’s travel talk in Santa Barbara. Amy was even friends with Ramon’s old college roommate and was at Ramon’s house once, but never met him! Fate always has its way though, and we agree that we met at the perfect time in our lives.

What part of your wedding day was/is most important to you?

We have always connected over traveling, so a destination wedding was something that really appealed to us. We want to give our friends and family an experience they will never forget, and we feel that celebrating our love in Barcelona will not only be unforgettable, but will be the perfect opportunity to share our love for each other and for travel with those who are closest to us.
That being said, we also want to spend as much time with friends and family as possible, and having a destination wedding will allow us to spend more quality time with our guests a few days leading up to the wedding that we might not get otherwise. Overall, we recognize that we are incredibly blessed to have such a strong support system of family and friends, and we want to include them in as much of our celebration as possible.

What is the best thing you’ve learned from one another?

Amy: Ramon is selflessness personified. Everyday, without even realizing it, Ramon challenges me to be more kind and considerate of others. His nature is to be generous and watching him is an example to me and everyone else of how to put others first.
Ramon: Amy is very health conscious and I have learned how to live a healthier life just by watching her. She helps me with my nutritional goals and I’m excited to live a long, healthy life with her.

What is your favorite thing about each other?

One of the first things I noticed about Amy was her beautiful smile & cheerful personality. Amy is the hardest working person I know and always true to her word. When Amy says she is going to do something, she actually does it. Always! I love that she is always taking care of me and truly loves me deeply. I love how excited she is to have me that she feels like “the luckiest girl in the world”. I love that Amy is great with her finances and really good at setting goals. She likes doing things together and spending time with me and for that I am grateful. When I get home she makes sure to ask me about my day & waits to have dinner with me. I love that she has a great family and so many traditions that she loves sharing with me. Amy is my equal in every way and we complement each others’ weaknesses. I know we have a bright future ahead of us as long as she is by my side.

My favorite thing about Ramon is that he has no ego. He is always willing to try new things without a fear of failing, looking silly, or being perceived a certain way. He makes life so much more fun with his free spirit and has taught me to not be so serious all the time and just go where life takes you.
I also just really love his thick hair and his dark brown eyes. He is so handsome- I can’t wait to grow old with him!

What is your favorite part about planning your wedding?

The best part about planning our wedding was taking a trip to Barcelona to view our picturesque venue, take our dreamy fairy-tale engagement photos (thanks Lena!), taste the menu, and visualize what our wedding day would be like.
This trip was also especially meaningful as Ramon had planned for Amy’s best friend, who lives in Germany, to fly out and surprise Amy there too. Amy was then able to ask her best friend to be her maid of honor, which was particularly sweet, as Amy had been disappointed that she would have to do it from overseas. After this, Amy’s MOH was then able to help with the wedding planning in Spain and spend quality time with her best friend, which is rare as they live far away from one another.

Photographer: Lena Karelova Photography  / venue: Barcelona / film lab: Malvarrosa Film Lab

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