The Duncklee Family

“We recently had our second and final child after 3 miscarriages and a pretty grueling 9-month round of IVF. Motherhood has not come easy for me so I’ve learned to slow down and be present with this gift. Gratitude is a lesson in itself and oddly enough, after this long and tumultuous road to complete our family, we’re grateful for the trials we faced because they’ve brought us together. Have you ever heard of the saying – “The secret to having it all is knowing that you already do.”? That just about sums it up for us.” – The Duncklee Family

This feature was published in The White Wren Volume 3 – pick up your print copy here! 

What’s your favorite family pastime?

We are beach people. I was born and raised in Naples Florida so being a native Floridian anything that gets us out on the water, whether it be fishing or boating or just hanging out by the sea, is our favorite thing to do together.

Tell us a fun or silly story that happened to your family!

My first name is Rya, pronounced (Rye-ah), like the bread. Or at least that is how I used to explain to people how to pronounce it, until Disney released their latest movie Raya and the Last Dragon. Now when in public and people hear my name, of course they mention that movie and Elle pipes in to tell them that Mommy has a dragon 🐉 and he’s away sleeping.

I’ll have to write Disney thanking them tor earning me extra cool points with my toddler. And, five years from now when our son Jack enrolls in Kindergarten, I’m fully expecting half of the girls in his class to be named “Raya” (after their dragon-slaying Mama). 😂

What does family mean to you?

To me, family can mean one that you were born into, or one that you create for yourself. It’s a group (or even just a duo) of people who share a sense of loyalty for one another, and above all else, love.

This feature was published in The White Wren Volume 3 – pick up your print copy here! 

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