Two Mothers in an Orchard

A beautiful mother and daughter time together in a beautiful almond orchard! We loved featuring this in print in our magazine and are thrilled to share it here today!

This feature was published in The White Wren Volume 3 – pick up your print copy here! 

from the photographer: Drawn to the magical essence of the almond orchards, which only bloom for a fleeting period each year, we set out to Bakersfield for a magical afternoon. Celebrating the beauty of motherhood with two sets of mamas + daughters, we aimed to depict their special bonds in the most romantic, heartfelt, and timeless way. Florals by Blooms by Melly popped against the almost winter like backdrop of the petal lined rows of the orchards, while the picnic setup was beautifully designed by Hygge Picnic Co. Borrowed Blu inventory adorned the low table, and sweet treats from Sweet Songbird Bakery put a smile on everyone’s faces, especially the littles’. The stunning new fashion line by LAIT Collection was the perfect fit for a Springtime picnic.

from April:

What’s your favorite family pastime? Our family loves to travel! As a family of 6, we are more of a road trip type of family. We love taking quick staycations up and down the cost of California. One of our most recent trips was to Northern California to visit the Redwoods. What made this trip so amazing is that we made zero plans. For the most part, we booked hotels while on the road and just let the trip unfold organically. It was great to just be together as a family enjoying nature and our time together.

Any lessons you learned as a family through the last year? Last year was definitely a challenge physically, emotionally, socially and financially. However, it forced us as a family to just stop and be. We were able to be present with each other like never before. Prior to COVID, our days were a blur… school drop off/pick up, homework, practice, dinner, shower, sleep, repeat. We were on a hamster wheel just running through life. However, last year the pressures of our daily lives went away. Our days were filled with bike rides, family workouts, playing in the streets, going on hikes, etc. We were forced to refocus our attention back on what is most important in life… each other. With things opening back up in California, I am intentional in ensuring we never go back to a blurred life. We continue planning mini trips and making time to just be together.

Tell us a fun or silly story that happened to your family! A few years ago, our family took a trip to Mexico. We had a wonderful time there (maybe too much fun), because we missed our flight home. We were literally stranded in the airport at 2am with 4 exhausted kids, no tickets home, no luggage and no where to stay. However, we did not let this misfortune get us down. We made the best out of our extended time in Mexico City. Seeing and experiencing things we otherwise would have missed out on. The craziness and unknown is all part of the adventure. It was a wonderful experience for the kids and a trip we will never forget!

What does family mean to you? When I think of family, the word legacy comes to mind. Creating something that is bigger than me that will endure through the generations. When raising my kids, my goal is to create a solid foundation for my family that will enhance and benefit future generations. My husband and I go about this by continuing family traditions and creating new ones, instilling positive values as well as teaching about money and investments. Family means everything to me, and it’s important that I pave the way for those to come after me.

from Michelle:

What’s your favorite family pastime? The tradition I grew up with but never fully appreciated until I was older is spending time with my family outdoors. My parents used to drag my sister and I on road trips for camping and National parks – and I used to complain all the time when I was younger! Now that I have a family of my own I find myself doing the same thing; packing up the car to leave early in the morning so we can road trip to a remote place! My daughter is only 2 years old but she’s already hiked the Grand Canyon, Mammoth and Yosemite. Watching my daughter discover nature in her eyes has been my favorite pastime thus far.

Any lessons you learned as a family through the last year? I’ve learned that it makes a big difference when you get to spend time at home with your children, especially for the little ones. Because of the pandemic, I’ve been home for the first two years of my daughter’s life and I’m so  grateful for that. It’s an opportunity I probably won’t get again. My bond is so much stronger with my daughter and this time has taught me that nothing is more important or more urgent (not even that one email!) than being present and spending quality time with family.

Tell us a fun or silly story that happened to your family! My daughter loves going to the beach and running in the water. One day we took her to see tide pools and she was so brave! She touched sea urchins and sea slugs but she is TERRIFIED of seaweed!!

What does family mean to you? Family doesn’t necessarily mean blood. There’s no one size fits all, no ideal or perfect way a family should be or look like. To me, family is the people in your life who know everything about you but love you anyway. They are the people in your life who will show up when most would shy away. They are the people in your life who will love you unconditionally and who you would jump through hoops for. They are the people in your life when someone asks you – who are you grateful for?

This feature was published in The White Wren Volume 3 – pick up your print copy here! 

Photography: Caitlin Alohilani Photography
Design & Styling: Hygge Picnic Co.
Florist: Blooms by Melly
Coordinator: Just Merried Events
Baker: Sweet Songbird Bakery
Dress Designer: Lait Collection
Tablescape Rentals: Borrowed Blu
Hair & Makeup Artist: Kohnur Premiere Bridal Beauty

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