Street Tacos & Breaking Tradition

Street Tacos & Breaking Tradition

Sometimes (oftentimes) it’s ok to break some glass and break tradition at the same time. Chelsea & Trayer did just that.

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from the photographer: From broken glass to closing off the night with cheap beer at an afterparty at a local dive bar, growing up surrounded by high-end weddings was the catalyst for a not-so-traditional wedding for my clients, whose Grandmother owns one of the most sought-after winery wedding venues in the rolling hills of Malibu.

Instead of wedding food, they had street tacos, which was probably a first for this venue. There were no first dances, no cake cutting; however, it has been my experience that no matter how much a bride pushes for an out-of-the-box wedding, once they’re in the moment, hints of tradition become evident in the photos we all expect from a wedding, including many candid photos sprinkled in between.

As a photographer, that’s the best client you can ask for: one half creative, one half corporate, with a short guest list of close friends in eclectic creative fields. It’s no wonder that with the rise of Ai and high-resolution digital photography, more and more creative brides opt for a film wedding photographer to capture those real-life, uncurated, authentic moments if only for a few hours on their wedding day.”

Photography: The Drunk Wedding Photographer
Venue: Cielo Farms
Catering: Guerilla Tacos
Event Design: Trés L.A. Group

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