Sentimental Coastal Wedding Filled with Emotion: T...

Sentimental Coastal Wedding Filled with Emotion: Tyler & Svetlana

Sentimental Wedding Inspiration

Wedding days are the union of two lives, two stories, and two souls — but few are quite so poignant as Tyler & Svetlana. Not only did these two gracefully blend their different upbringings, but each member of their story helped lovingly usher them into their new and beautiful forever. It was a day filled with tears and so very much love, and we are honored to share their story with you today! 

A word from photographer and White Wren Collaborative member, Manda Weaver:

“Svetlana & Tyler have a romance that is both electric and subtle at the same moment. They come from two very different backgrounds. Tyler from an American home filled with brothers, and Svetlana from an orphanage in Russia with her sister, Katya. In their teenage years, Svetlana & Katya came to The States for a summer exchange program. The Widell family fell in love with the girls and adopted them as their own. Tyler and Svetlana met in college where their initial attraction and mutual love for the Washington Capital’s quickly grew into the love of a lifetime.

Svetlana and Tyler celebrated their marriage in St Michaels Maryland near Svetlana’s parents home. Svetlana spent summers working in stores along the historic St Michaels Main Street where she used to watch couples enter and exit the gorgeous circa 1870 gray-stone structure Christ Church of St Micheals. So, of course, when began planning her Wedding this was her first thought. The Mr. and Mrs. Hutson followed their Church ceremony with a celebration at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. Historic ships and boats of all shapes that have passed the test of time surrounded them along with the glimmering pink, shimmering gold, navy accents and garden style florals.

Their Wedding day was truly filled with so much joy, and abounding love… but there was also a touch of sorrow. Svetlana’s mother passed away after a sudden battle with cancer just a few months before their Wedding day. Tyler and Svetlana chose to make their vows and covenant with one another before she passed so she could see them married. And when their planned Wedding day came the celebrated and proclaimed their love before all of their guests as husband and wife already.

Svetlana carried a pennant with her Mother, Pamela’s, picture on her bouquet. Perhaps one of the most profound moments of the day was when the bouquet with her picture was placed in her lap after she had just stepped into her wedding dress. Tears of sorrow mixed with joy flowed as her sister and friends surrounded and supported her. Tyler’s mother, Karen, chose to be with Svetlana during the getting ready portion of the day, and gracefully and lovingly cared for her new daughter in this special moment.”

Love notes from the couple, Tyler & Svetlana:

How did you two meet? What were your first impressions of one another?

Svetlana: “We met during our freshman year of college. My best friend went to the same school as Tyler and lived in the same dorm building. At the time, my friend was dating someone that was friends with Tyler. One weekend, I went over to visit her and we ended up hanging out with Tyler and his friends. We were instantly attracted to each other.”

Tyler: “I thought Svetlana was gorgeous and had the prettiest smile. She seemed so fun and laid back. I couldn’t help but flirt with her the whole night.”

Svetlana: “Tyler was tall, dark, and handsome. I thought he was so cute. As he spent time flirting with me, I felt so comfortable with him. I knew I wanted to see where things went after that night.”

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Any special ways you incorporated your family or family history into your wedding day?

Svetlana: “We did a lot of things to incorporate both of our families into our wedding day. One thing that was really special was having a picture of my mom in a pendant with my bouquet. I recently lost my mom to cancer so it was important that she was still with me on our wedding day. There was also a photo of my mom set up in a church pew next to my dad for the ceremony. At our reception venue, we set up wedding photos of both of our parents and grandparents because we look up to those strong, loving marriages.”

What part of your wedding day was most important to you?

Svetlana: “Having a more traditional wedding in a church was important to us. We both felt that sealing our commitments as husband and wife would be more special in a church. When I was younger, I used to work in a store right across the street from the church. Anytime there was a wedding, they would shut down the traffic and the bride and groom would be the center of attention in town. I always dreamed of one day having my wedding in that same church and it was so special that were were able to do that.”

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Tell us a funny story relating to your relationship!

Svetlana: “On the day that Tyler was planning on proposing, we had to drive about an hour away to meet up with our families for lunch. About 45 minutes out, we got a flat tire! Tyler had to pull over to the side of the road and change the tire in the dirty, wet gravel. He was already stressing about popping the question and then had to change a tire and showed up to the restaurant late. We rushed over to the small beach where our families were waiting for us to ‘take pictures.’ That’s when Tyler got down on one knee and proposed. Looking back now, the flat tire was just a funny, unfortunate mishap to an otherwise perfect day. Plus, everyone says that’s a sign of good luck!”

What is your favorite thing about each other?

Svetlana: “My favorite thing about Tyler is that he always makes me laugh, even when I don’t want to. I can’t stay mad at him for too long before he does something to make me laugh and lighten the mood. He has a big heart with great values. He’s my shoulder to lean on for anything that I need. Whether I need help with a problem or just a hug after a long day, I know he will be there for me no matter what.”

Tyler: “My favorite thing about Svetlana is her sense of humor and how she always makes me laugh. I can always be myself around her, no matter how weird I may get sometimes. We are able to joke and goof around one minute, but have a serious talk the next. I also love how Svetlana is able to get me out of my comfort zone. I can be a little reserved and cautious at times. Because of Svetlana, we have travelled to amazing places and have done so many things together. She’s incredible and I love her for that.”

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photographer: Manda Weaver Photography / venue: Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum / floral designer: Sherwood Florist / dress boutique: Morilee / cake designer: Peach Blossom Events / hair and makeup artist: Vintage Veils / film lab: The Find Lab / rentals and accessories: Peach Blossom Events / videographer:NST Pictures / DJ/photobooth: Chris Styles Events / film: Film Supply Club

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