Robyn & Nick’s Rustic Elegant Barn Wedd...

Robyn & Nick’s Rustic Elegant Barn Wedding

We love how Robyn & Nick made their wedding day about the things that were most important to them, and celebrated with joy with their family and friends! Check out their story below …

from the photographer: “Robyn and Nick met at Virginia Tech during mandatory study hours. They became instant friends. Through their conversations Robyn knew there was something special about Nick had the biggest crush on him but never thought anything would come of it. A year later, Robyn and Nick were with their friends watching the stars but then their friends sneaked away leaving them by themselves. They stayed there till 2 am talking, waiting to see a shooting star. Nick prayed asking, “God, please give me a sign. If there is a shooting star, then she is the one.” A few moments later, through the clouds shined a shooting star. Less than two weeks later, they were dating. The Barn at Timber creek was hand designed by the owner to be a beautiful wedding venue so the surroundings were (obviously) stunning. But what struck us the most is how sweet everyone in attendance was (inside and out). From their bridal party, to their family, to their guests, every interaction we had made us feel so thankful to serve couples like Nick and Robyn.”

How did you meet? 

We met in 2014 during the first semester of our freshmen year at Virginia Tech while in the military program. I (Robyn) was trying to raise money to build a well. I went to a few classrooms at night during study hours trying to gain support. Everyone listened but no one was interested. As everyone left, Nick came up and started asking me more questions about it. We lived in the dorms right next to each other and we walked back talking about the project the whole way. We were distant friends for the rest of that year. At the beginning of Sophomore year, we both were selected to come back 2 weeks early to train the new freshmen joining the Corps of Cadets program. There were about 20 of us working together. At the end of the 2 weeks I went out exploring campus with a friend of mine that Nick was friend with too. We went to the baseball field later in the night to look at the stars. Nick and I kicked off our shoes and ran into the middle of the field. We looked back and saw our friends leaving. By the time we got our shoes, they were gone. We decided to stay and we talked until our curfew at 2am when he walked me back to my dorm. I was scared of dating and said no to Nick 2 times. But his gentle patience won me over and on the 3rd time I decided to take a chance.

How did he propose? 

It was our senior year at Virginia Tech. It was the weekend of our military ball. We got a cabin off campus to spend time with our friends for the weekend. We wanted to take pictures before the ball not in our uniforms. So while dressed up, in front of all of our friends, just as he kissed me for a picture, he slowly got onto one knee and pulled out a ring.

What was your wedding day vision? 

We wanted something rustic and simple. Not a lot of frill or fuss. When it came to all of our vendors, we wanted small local people who we could consider part of our family. Most of our friends are in the military and our family is from up and down the east coast. Our only concern was that we were going to be able to be able to make memories with everyone since we didn’t know when we would see them again.

Tell us about your attire choices! 

I wanted my girls to have their personalities shine through. My favorite colors is light blue. So I just picked the color and let them do the rest. They all picked different types of dresses and it turned out amazing! All of Nick’s groomsmen have such strong personalities and look dang good dressed up. No one lives close by so he chose the black tux because it is what he has used being a groomsman in other weddings. The black tux has always been able to fit people wonderfully regardless of their build and size.

What was the most important thing to you while planning? 

We wanted the wedding to be a celebration and to have something to remember forever. The photographers were probably the thing we spent the longest trying to decide. The Kents knew how to keep a timeline allowing us to not worry and have more time with our family and friends and their style of photography was filled with romance and joy, capturing the emotions in the moment.

What was your favorite part of the wedding? 

My favorite (Nick) part was the first look. Hearing the song before Robyn walked down and realizing that this was it…then I turned around and saw how beautiful Robyn and I just started crying. It was so amazing to see my bride in that moment. Another memory I had was sharing a “first drink” with my best, Jack. He bought us an 18-year aged Irish whiskey that we will continue to share during special moments in our lives.

My favorite (Robyn) part was our first dance. We had practiced it only a few times and it was to the song “beautiful Crazy” by Luke Combs. Nick had sent me the song one day just telling me how it made him think about me, so listening to that right after we are married, surrounded by all of our friends and family was breath taking. And then hearing the reactions of all of them as Nick picked me up and spun me around made my heart swell larger than I could imagine. I also loved that our photographers had the idea of doing a first look with my dad. Seeing him cry through his giant smile when he turned around made me flash back to everything he has done and had to sacrifice to raise with my my mom. And then he pulled out two hankies and we just laughed as he hugged me.

Tell us more about your wedding details. 

Our flowers were rustic colors; whites with blush pinks. Our florist also provided a thin, leafy garland for all of the tables.

We had cupcakes! We had to drive about 1.5 hours to do a cake tasting. I’m in the Navy and every time we scheduled our cake tasting my ship’s schedule changed and I had to leave. After the 3rd time rescheduling I told Nick he should just go by himself. He brought two of his guy friend and turned it into a bro weekend. All I asked for was something chocolate and fruity. Nick and his guys did an AMAZING job! They picked chocolate cupcakes, strawberry cupcakes and red velvet cupcakes. I think there were others but I didn’t get the chance to try them that night.

For favors, we had honey bears from a bee keeper, David Hodges from Catawba Valley Farms, 2 houses down from my brother in Catawba VA.

I wore my moms old pearl earrings and necklace that my dad had gotten her.

Any advice for couples planning their wedding? 

Have fun! Don’t stress. Everything will end up falling into place at the end. The wedding is a day to celebrate the commitment you and your spouse are making. It is not about celebrating and remembering what table settings, or fancy invites, or wedding favors you have.

Photography: The Kents Photography | Ceremony Venue: The Barn at Timber Creek | Floral: Urban Flora | Stationery: Minted | Wedding Cake: Carytown Cupcakes | Catering: Pigging out Catering | Hair: A Great Escape | DJ: Master Taylor Entertainment | Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal | Groom’s Attire: The Black Tux | Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie | Submitted via: Matchology

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