Mary & Sam’s Backyard Wedding

Mary & Sam’s Backyard Wedding

The sweetest little backyard wedding showing that love can be celebrated anywhere, with as little a budget or as much. Mary & Sam had a simple backyard ceremony with their closest people and it turned out beautifully!

from the photographer: “Mary and Sam had the most beautiful backyard wedding, with a focus on simple details, culture, and family. They gathered at the home of a close family member, wanting to celebrate their new niece on their wedding day. The bride surprised the groom with several 4×6 photo prints that she scattered on the tables for everyone to enjoy. The day had no timeline, and the couple and family let the time flow naturally, and when the time felt right, the ceremony began. As they all gathered in a circle, the bride’s best friend officiated, and everyone took part in the reading of The Seven Blessings, from the Jewish culture. Their was a tangible feeling of joy, meaning, and love throughout the entire day, and it was magical the way this couple intentionally savored each moment of the experience, keeping it simple, and focusing on what meant the most to them, and what would make their day special and meaningful.” 

Any special ways you incorporated your family or family history into your wedding day?

Sam was so thoughtful! He surprised me and our family by printing off over 100 photos of our travels and time with friends and family. We displayed them around the house casually for people to enjoy. We got to make new memories and happily recall loving moments that brought us together. It was truly so special.

What part of your wedding day was/is most important to you?

It’s hard to choose one! Many elements of the day were so meaningful. That we were able to have the wedding at Sam’s brother’s home, that their new baby was a month old at the wedding and we could celebrate new family in many ways. That our dear friends flew to Salt Lake to officiate the wedding! We felt truly grateful to be surrounded by so much love and welcomed into our commitment by people who support us in growing together.

If you had one piece of advice for other couples, what would it be?

It helps to love the other the way they feel loved, and not assume the message you’re intending to send is necessarily coming across. Listen to learn, not to interject. A lot of good intentions get lost in translation. Kindly checking out an assumption and giving the benefit of the doubt goes a looooooong way.

What is the most honest thing you can say about love?

That it starts with acceptance, patience, and allowance. Love isn’t the cure for everything, but it does grease the wheel. It takes generosity and the will to change. Go easy on each other, secure relationships are always a team effort.

Photographer Tai Lee Photography / /
Venue Dinner / Arlo, Farm to Table / @ arlorestaurant
Floral Designer / The Petal Coop / @ thepetalcoop
Dress Boutique / Reformation / / @thereformation
Cake Designer / Tulie Bakery / Lemon Cake and Espresso Chocolate / @ tuliebakery
Makeup + Hair / Bride
Mens Formalwear / JCrew / @jcrew
Accessories / Decor / Gold Amulet Necklace / Molly Debiak / @mollydebiak
Film Lab / The Find Lab / @ thefindlab
Her Ring | Yasuko Azuma NY / @ yasukoazumajewelry
His Ring | Aide Memoire Jewelry / @aidememoirejewelry
Custom Earrings | Bride | Sand dollar fossils with diamonds
Champagne | Veuve Clicquot / / veuveclicquot

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