Private Residence Wedding in Montana

Private Residence Wedding in Montana

A beautiful private residence wedding in Montana full of laughter and joy as Kelsey and Lee celebrated with their family and friends! With amazing views of the Montana mountains, there was simply no reason to get married anywhere else. Their design and details held a charming and slightly rustic feel that created a stunning day!

Describe a hurdle you had to overcome in your relationship or during your wedding planning. A massive hurdle for us was to literally finish our ‘venue’ or our home. We had unprecedented Spring weather before our Fall wedding meaning we didn’t start working on putting in a yard until April. That’s right – 5 months before our wedding our home was surrounded by dirt. At one my point my dad jokingly told us to just ‘spray paint the dirt green – no one will notice.’ Luckily it didn’t come down to that and we got the beautiful mountain views PLUS grass, but we certainly had to come up with a backup plan.

What part of your wedding day was/is most important to you? Our favorite part of our day is that we had our wedding at the home my husband and I had been building for the last two years. Both of our parents were also a huge part of our home as my dad is an architect and designed our house, while my father-in-law is a contractor who used to be a carpenter. My husband ended up helping with the design and building, while I often focused on the design and was semi-decent cheap labor. For a year straight we worked til 5pm and then headed to the house til midnight to finish it out. I got a crash course in tiling and construction. Our home quite literally is a labor of love. And the fact that we got to say our vows in our back yard makes it feel even more special.

What is the best thing you’ve learned from one another? Building our home taught us A LOT about each other. We quickly realized that we both have different talents and ideas, and those are best when they combine together. That being said we also quickly learned when step aside and let the other shine. We typically learned the most through failure, as most do, but we knew the importance of turning to one another when things were difficult.

What was your favorite part about planning your wedding? After working in the wedding industry for quite some time I would say my favorite part was finding creative ways to make the days ours. I focused on small moments, like our catering was from our favorite taco joint, hand stamped a wax seal of our initial on thank you’s, and ditched the traditional sweetheart table for a family seating to give us the laidback dinner party we wanted.
It was a little weird to have a more formal tabletop served along tacos and everyday home decor mixed in for a once-in-a-lifetime event, but ultimately it felt exactly like us.

If you had one piece of advice for other couples, what would it be? Focus on what means most to you. It’s so easy to get distracted by what you think your day should be or look like, but just surround yourself with those who support YOU and everything falls into place. Also, if you didn’t purchase it in advance, you probably don’t actually need it. Don’t rush ship it off Amazon two nights before your wedding. It’s just not worth it, and also it won’t make it.

Photographer: Keeley McKay
Venue: Bride and Groom’s backyard
Floral Designer: Rowan & Larch
Dress Boutique: Reformation
Cake Designer: Sweet and Tarte
Hair and Makeup: Bride
Rentals: Montana Party Rentals
Stationery: Jasmine Lilly
Accessories / Decor: Signage: Brook Kinna
Film Lab: PhotoVision
Day of Coordinator: Troy Meikle

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