The Whitfield Family at Home

The Whitfield family’s at-home session is a beautiful illustration of moments together in simplicity. Todd, Liana, Margaux, and Lachlan enjoyed everyday moments that were documented in a way that helps you feel the love and joy shared between this sweet family!

It’s always an honor to be invited into a family’s home: the place where they’ll spend the most time, make the most memories, and watch their babies grow into kids and young adults. And when it’s another photographer extending the invitation, it’s extra special! In the Whitfield family’s case, their daughter was the star of the show: her warm, outgoing personality made it so fun to let her show me the ropes, introduce me to her baby brother, and just generally set the tone for this session. It was the sweetest reminder of why I feel like it’s such a privilege to be invited to capture these sweet milestones. -Keeley McKay Photo

What’s your favorite family pastime together? In no particular order, traveling, hiking, and skiing! Margaux’s been to several countries in Europe and Asia and we can’t wait to take Lachlan on future trips too. Todd and I grew up in Denver, CO so hiking and skiing has always been our hobbies to do together. We quickly put Margaux on skis and plopped her into a baby carrier and hiking packs to take her on our adventures. We hiked the M in Bozeman when Lachlan was only three weeks old. Since it’s winter, we currently ski Big Sky every weekend.

Any lessons you learned as a family through the last year? We were incredibly fortunate to build our home in Bozeman, MT and moved in end of April 2022. While it was a fun and exciting process, it was also challenging at times. There were covid related supply delays, we were in a condo, and I was pregnant. There was a lot of moving pieces but we got through it together and settled in before welcoming Lachlan at the end of August 2022. While times were tough, we’re all so happy and it was more than worth it in the end.

What have you recently done to put family as a major focus in your life?  Hands down moving to Bozeman. While my husband and I both grew up in Denver and loved our childhoods, it has grown and changed so much. We knew it wasn’t ultimately the place we wanted to raise our kids. We love living here so far and excited to see our Montana kids grow up here.

What does family mean to you?  Family means unconditional love for one another. We’ve also moved several times in our 13 years of marriage including three years in Singapore. It’s truly made us realize family is truly wherever we are together.

Photographer: Keeley McKay
Venue: Family’s home
Film Lab: PhotoVision

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