Nikki & Kyle’s Anniversary + Baby Annou...

Nikki & Kyle’s Anniversary + Baby Announcement

We are featuring this beautiful story of Nikki & Kyle’s anniversary + baby announcement today, as you read further below you’ll find it unfolded in the sweetest way with the reminiscing of their wedding day vows & the pregnancy announcement slipped in as a surprise! A touching moment captured in such a lovely way that this couple will forever hold dear to their hearts.

“Nikki and Kyle decided to celebrate their second wedding anniversary in the town where they met and fell in love, Cleveland Ohio. These two met in and instantly began a whirlwind romance on none other than Tinder – and boy are they both glad they swiped right! They were married in May of 2018 at Wayfarers Chapel in Kyle’s home state of California and have since settled back down in Ohio will Kyle finishes up his medical residency. They wanted to create an intimate anniversary shoot that provided them the opportunity to reflect on their marriage and how far they’ve come while also just spending time soaking in and capturing their love. Nikki shared during the shoot’s planning process that she was really looking forward to capturing these moments together was important since the only photoshoot they’d had so far was their wedding. They spent the beginning of the shoot enjoying the picnic spread and reminiscing on their wedding memories and the past two years of their married life.” – Jeannene Lillie Events

“While curating this anniversary shoot, planner and designer Jeannene Lillie Events, used inspiration from their wedding as well as who they are as individual people and as a couple. In celebration of their second wedding anniversary, we had a reading from their wedding ceremony hand calligraphed onto handmade cotton paper created by Leah E. Moss. The ceremony reading was from the book Les Misérables by Victor Hugo, “Love partakes of the soul itself. It is of the same nature. Like the soul, it is a divine spark; it is incorruptible, indivisible, imperishable. It is a point of fire within us, which is immortal and infinite, which nothing can confine and nothing can extinguish”. After the picnic set up, Nikki and Kyle changed outfits (Kyle in the same jacket he wore to their wedding) and headed out with Anna Laero to capture photographs near the Cleveland Museum of Art. This was the part of the shoot where Nikki planned to share her big news with her husband Kyle. She brought along their wedding vow books to read from while they reminisced about their and she also snuck a special announcement in there as well. We all stood around as Nikki shared with Kyle that not only were they celebrating their two years of being married but that they were also expecting a little addition to their family that following Spring. Their joy and excitement for their “baby bee”, as Nikki referred to them, clung tightly onto the thick summer evening heat.” – Jeannene Lillie Events

“As we all departed the shoot, we stopped a moment to take note of the Aries zodiac statue at the venue. Nikki studies and teaches about human design and horoscopes and it seemed only appropriate that we stop and marvel at the statue featuring the sun sign of their small miracle.” – Jeannene Lillie Events

Photographer: Anna Laero
Stylist / Planner / Designer: Jeannene Lillie Events
Floral Designer: Old Slate Farm
Makeup Artist: Rachel Lorraine Artistry
Hair Stylist: Rachel Lorraine Artistry
Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab
Calligraphy Print: Leah E. Moss Designs
Letterpress Print: Ciarra Claire

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