Mady & Charlie

No matter how many times it’s pushed away, the ocean keeps coming back to the shore line. Drawn like a moth to the flame, it’s the persistence of the ocean swell that has fascinated beach lovers and sailors for millennia. The gravitational pull of the moon keeps this phenomenon continuous.

Love keeps coming back, even if it’s pushed away. Love persists. It never gives up. It’s the most true expression of dedication known to us. The heart keeps love alive as a constant and persistent emotion. On the shoreline of attachment, love is what binds two hearts together and overflows them with an ability to overlook each others faults and create something beautiful together.

The song of the sea is what drew in Mady and Charlie for a fun photo session. Two weeks after these photos they got engaged, then married, and are now expecting a little one. The pull of the ocean and love is truly irresistible.

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Photography: Mark Boatright
Film Lab: Photovision Prints

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