Lindsey & Sope Bali Engagement

Lindsey & Sope Bali Engagement

Bali is one of those magical destinations that many dream of going to. We featured this session in Volume 2 of our magazine and are thrilled to share it with you today, along with more of Lindsey and Sope’s story!

from Whitney Heard: “Lindsey and Sopes engagement shoot is a session I’ll always remember! Not only is the location stunning but they were so much fun to photograph. We trekked through the rice terraces, fed the elephants and worked together to create these images. This shoot is broken into two parts, first sunrise at the Bamboo house and rice terraces, and then sunset at the Elephant sanctuary.
The night before the shoot, I scootered across Bali to where Lindsay and Sope were staying, the beautiful Camaya Bali in the Bamboo House. The grounds are stunning, the house is huge and overlooks rice terraces. We had dinner together than planned outfits and shoot details for the sunlight in the morning. While the sun was rising, you could hear the sounds of the jungle and the birds waking up. Lindsey did her hair and makeup as I took photos of the sun peaking over the mountain. The weather was perfect, still cool, and a soft mist created stunning light for our morning images. We started shooting in cozy, casual clothes, as the couple relaxed on the hammock bed overlooking the traditional rice terraces. Next, we adventured through the fields to find the perfect light. The sun shone down creating backlight as the couple enjoyed their time together in this beautiful setting.
Growing rice takes lots of water, which means lots of mud as we walked through the fields, a quick wash in the houses’ outdoor shower before we ventured to the Elephant sanctuary.
As an animal lover, when coordinating this portion of the shoot it was so important for me to find a place where the elephants are treated with love and care. When communicating with the sanctuary, they explained the elephants’ story and how they were rescued from the workforce. These elephants had been raised in horrible conditions and were isolated, forced to work, and abused for the beginning of their lives. This sanctuary had rescued them and given them a place to retire in peace. We were lucky to work with such a kind animal and ‘elephant companions’ that help keep the elephants calm and happy during our session. He spent the time eating and relaxing while we were calmly taking images.”

How did Sope propose?
We went to NYC for Sope’s 30th birthday with a bunch of friends, which was perfect for him to set up the proposal because I never thought he would do it on his birthday so it was 100% a surprise. When I asked him after the proposal why he chose to do it on his birthday he said because he knew I wouldn’t suspect a thing, and he was right! It was very romantic and NYC was the first place we traveled to together. After the proposal which was so cute, I found out his original plan had been spoiled. He was hoping to propose to me in the SOHO House Photo Booth (where we often took pictures when we first started dating) but when we arrived it was out of order. He decided to wait until the perfect moment came up – but since we were with friends on the trip he didn’t really have an opportunity so he carried the ring around with him all weekend (adorable). On our second last morning, he knew it was now or never so he woke up super early to go to Laudree and pick me up my favourite macarons. When we arrived back to the hotel I was still in bed – he woke me up and presented the box. Truthfully he is such a sweet guy, I wasn’t surprised he would do this – I still suspected nothing. He then told me to open the box, I did even though I was half asleep – once I opened the box I saw there was a small black box inside and I opened it up to see the most gorgeous diamond. In shock I looked up at him and he was on one knee asking me to marry him through the tears. I of course said yes and was in complete shock. It was such an amazing morning and the best part was we got to celebrate with friends in NYC popping bubbly all day long!

Why did you pick Bali for your engagement shoot?
I have always wanted to go to Bali, it’s been at the top of my list for ages and this was the perfect opportunity – every way you turn is absolutely breathtaking. I’m not even sure you can take a bad photo in Bali.

Tell us about the location and your experience?
I follow a couple photography and travel influencers who live in Bali and one day they had posted on their social media the most magical place which coincidentally was called the Camaya Magical Bamboo House. I knew immediately we needed to stay there and we needed to have our photos done there. It was in the middle of nowhere but had the most spectacular view of Mount Agung. When we set up the shoot with Whitney I thought she was staying close to the bamboo house and when I found out she wasn’t I insisted on her staying the evening because the drive was too far and dangerous at night. It was probably one of the best ideas on the trip – it worked out perfectly as we all woke up to the beautiful sunrise and got some of the most amazing pictures I’ve ever seen. It was truly a magical experience and one we will never forget.
Just when I thought the experience couldn’t be topped, we headed to the Elephant sanctuary where we got to spend time snuggling up to the cutest elephant named Lukcip. I am forever grateful for the time we got to spend so closely with him and for the amazing moments Whitney captured for us. The pictures are absolutely breathtaking and Lukcip got spoiled with fresh grass the whole time.

Tell us about your outfit choices?
We wanted to keep everything simple, we didn’t want our clothing to attract too much attention or take away from the overall photograph. We wanted the clothes to be a part of the photo, not the main attraction. In this case I chose some traditional Bali Sarongs and complimented them with some simple tops. I purchased a straw hat which I took everywhere with me on our Bali trip – it was a must have especially for the rice terraces. Neutrals and whites were perfect for the location. For Sope, we kept it pretty basic and had him wear casual balinese shorts or some of his own in neutral colors.

What was your favourite part of the shoot?
My favourite part of the shoot was all of it, I know that is cliche but have you seen the photos? Each of them is spectacular and will always remind of the most magical trip and time between Sope and I.

What advice would you give brides planning their engagement shoot?
Go somewhere special where you and your fiancé can really take it all in and enjoy this time together. Don’t go over the top, keep it simple. Remember the shoot is about you and your fiancé – as much as everything else matters the most important part is you two and your energy. Also make sure you make an investment to have a spectacular photographer like Whitney who is there to capture it all.

This feature was published in The White Wren Volume 2 – pick up your print copy here! 

Photography: Whitney Heard Photography
Engagement Ring: Lou Goldberg Jeweller
Film Lab: Goodman Film Lab
Location: Bali, Indonesia – Camaya Magical Bamboo House

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