Thomas and Kyla’s Elopement at Malibu Rocky ...

Thomas and Kyla’s Elopement at Malibu Rocky Oaks

When this beautiful elopement came across our desk, we knew instantly that it was the cover for our Volume 2 Print Magazine! Such beautiful scenery and a beautiful couple – the analogy between the starkness of the mountains and how vast it all seemed compared to the two beautiful individuals in the photos was a juxtaposition for the year 2020 – a year of being isolated and alone, yet together with the one you love. The emptiness of the world around them felt like what many people felt emotionally … and in the end, it was Love that got us all through.

Kurt Boomer Photography and Robert Michael Films captured this moment in perfect symbolism. And we got the chance to dive deeper into Thomas and Kyla’s story and what led events led them to this day.

A few weeks ago I married my best friend at the stunning Malibu Rocky Oaks. Our day was simple and intimate. We wrote personal vows to one another, and had our ceremony on the helipad with the most breathtaking sunset views. We ended the day with Nobu takeout back at our Airbnb. It was the perfect event to celebrate our love and commitment. Due to COVID, we decided to elope just the two of us, but our friends and family were with us in spirit and on FaceTime. To our spectacular team of vendors, thank you for being a critical part of our special day. To my husband, how lucky am I to get to spend eternity with you. I love you. – Kyla 

Can you describe a hurdle you had to overcome while planning?
The largest hurdle we had to overcome while planning would definitely have to be navigating the pandemic and California wildfires. We originally were planning to have a small wedding in Barcelona, Spain, which then became an elopement with immediate family in Yosemite National Park, which then became an elopement without any guests at the beautiful Malibu Rocky Oaks Vineyard. At the start of the pandemic, we were all thinking that it would only last a couple of months at most. As the situation escalated, we had to adapt and let go of our original expectations, which was tricky for each other and our families. For example, I had my mind set on the idea of my dad walking me down the aisle. But, in the end, we could not be selfish and put our families at risk for the sake of having them physically present on our wedding day. Instead, we had them there in spirit and on FaceTime which was wonderful. We still got to share tears, laughter, and so much love together on that day. Our day ended up being more perfect and stress-free than we could have imagined. We are actually incredibly happy that the focus was simply on each other, our love and commitment, instead of entertaining guests.

What part of the day was your favorite?
My favorite part of the day was sitting by the Malibu Rocky Oak’s beautiful pool after our vendors had left, watching the last moments of the peaceful sunset while enjoying our first moments together as a married couple. Thomas says that his favorite part of the day was climbing the rock seen on the cover while sharing our first sunset together as husband and wife.

What is the most honest thing you can say about love?
The most honest thing we can say about love is that real love takes time and effort. Infatuation can be instant, but real and unconditional love has prerequisites. Love requires friendship, vulnerability, trust, respect, empathy, and most importantly, learning to love yourself first. All of these things take time and effort in order to truly develop into healthy and unconditional love… love that is nurturing, safe, and makes you a better person.

Do you have one piece of advice for other couples?
One piece of advice for couples is to learn to communicate honestly and openly with your partner. It is incredibly unrealistic to expect never to have a disagreement. If you can learn to have open and healthy discussions when a disagreement or challenge comes up, you end up working as a team tackling the issue together instead of fighting against each other. Some things are difficult to address and communicate. If you are ever struggling with this, couples therapy can be incredibly beneficial to the growth of your relationship and even to your personal growth.


This feature was published in The White Wren Volume 2 – pick up your print copy here! 

Venue: Malibu Rocky Oaks
Photographer: Kurt Boomer Photography
Video: Robert Michael Films
Planner: The Elegant Ninja
Officiant: Eric Schwartz
Floral: The Exotic Green Garden
Hair: Veiled Vanity Artistry
Wedding Dress Designer: Essence of Australia
Groom’s Attire: HKT Clothiers
Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab
Wedding Submission Services: Published + Pretty

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