Watermelon Margaritas at Home

Stories during the pandemic. That’s what we’re going to be seeing lots of lately, and creative ways that couples got married, engaged, or more … because well, love just doesn’t wait. So here we go …

from the photographer: “So what do you do when you get engaged over a pandemic? Well, you celebrate… at home! Geoff and Paige got engaged during the pandemic, in the comfort of their adorable living room and I opened the idea of doing an at-home lifestyle session.

It’s the heat of summer in Florida and watermelon season has hit its peak and Paige has been loving watermelon margaritas so we incorporated that detail to add a personal touch. Also, I loved the touch that Geoff’s hair and scruff gave. He’s actually a clean-cut attorney, but this pandemic led way to long hair & laid back.”

Their story: Paige was at a bar with friends and here approaches a clean-cut blonde fella and says, “Paige! It’s been so long! How have you been?” Paige stated she had never met the guy but of course went along with it. Geoff had gone to school with her older sisters and remembered her from years back. That initial approach after a couple years turned to engaged and to be wed in October!

Photographer: Ps Cobia Photography / Venue: Clients Home / Stylist / Planner / Designer: Pevee Cobia / Film Lab: The Find Lab

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