A Day at the Beach with Leah & Aiden

A Day at the Beach with Leah & Aiden

Today we’re bringing you a taste of summer with this fun couples beach session. Leah and Aiden met while they were both going to San Diego State – he was from Utah and she is from Chicago, but a combined love for the ocean has given them a favorite past time to enjoy together. Aiden surfs about 5 times a day and taught Leah how to surf – they live 3 blocks from the beach so get to enjoy the ocean frequently. Leah is even making her own swimsuit line called Gypsea Beachwear! We hope you enjoy and it makes you feel ready for summer and some time along the ocean.

“I first heard of Aidan when a good friend of mine told me that he reminds me of me and that we had the same sort of vibe. Apparently, that was all I needed to hear to ask him out!! We went on our first date and I immediately loved his energy and wanted to explore it more & more, which is exactly what I did. After about 8 months of dating we moved in together into a 500 square foot beach house in a little town called La Jolla. Last summer we truly experienced the beach & surf culture to the fullest. Aidan bought a 1970’s VW van and we cruised around in it looking for the best place to surf. He taught me how to surf as well… slowly but surely. Eventually, I fell in love with the sport. We both have such a strong passion for the ocean and overall share many similar values in life. I believe that that’s how we coexist so well together, & manage to live under the same roof at such a young age. I just love Aidan for everything that he is, and vise versa.” – Leah

Photography: Stephanie Lynn Co.
Makeup: Looks By Elle
Swimwear: Gypsea Beachwear
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