Sweet Tennessee Engagement Session on a Sun-Kissed...

Sweet Tennessee Engagement Session on a Sun-Kissed Farm: Hayley & Chris

Tennessee Engagement Session

Love is a constant lesson in learning another. No matter the time elapsed, no matter the season in your relationship — dating, engaged, married, or otherwise — you never stop discovering new, exciting (and yes, sometimes incredibly hard-fought) ways of loving your person in a more profound way. It’s an adventure, an enigma, and a puzzle -in-one, but gosh is it sweet! 

After spending two years of long distance love together, Chris & Hayley found themselves discovering just how very multi-lingual their affections are! Today we find them amongst the sun kissed hills of Tennessee, united in love and — thankfully — sharing the very same geography! 

A word from photographer Jason Messing of Juicebeats Photography:

“When these two met at an annual work meeting in 2015, the rest became history. They’ve gone through so much together, including a two-year long distance relationship, her relocation to Texas, and parenting a golden doodle, but these two are just meant to be. Hayley and Chris invited us to join them at their wedding venue, Howe Farms, to capture these engagement photos while they were in town for a wedding shower, and we are beyond ecstatic to share a glimpse of their session.

We have to give kudos to Chris for his amazing proposal, as he planned a spectacular surprise for Hayley. Utilizing the second largest canyon in the US, these two met up with their family for what was supposed to be a session for Christmas card photos. Chris put together a book of pictures of their life together and had a videographer there to film the entire proposal. Talk about a thoughtful gesture! We thought this was even more special as they already had family there with them to celebrate.

This wedding, we know, is going to be so beautiful, and we are thrilled that this fun, personable couple has chosen us to curate their memories. We’re taking you to Georgetown, TN, with Hayley and Chris and this romantic, golden hour engagement today. Enjoy!”

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Love notes from the couple, Hayley & Chris:

How did you two meet? What were your first impressions of one another?

Hayley: “I was a junior in college, interning at The Vincit Group. Chris was a Regional Sales Manager at The Vincit Group. I was working in the marketing department. Chris was living in Denver, Colorado managing the Southwestern Region. We met for the first time in May of 2015 at the company’s annual meeting in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Chris first saw me at the company’s picnic during the Chattanooga Lookouts baseball game. Chris asked his boss who I was and if it would be frowned upon to pursue me. Jonathon told Chris, ‘You can try, but good luck.’ Chris eventually came over and introduced himself. The rest of the week was spent getting to know each other. On the final night of the annual meeting, Chris made his move. He kissed me goodnight under the moonlight at the company bonfire.”

Tell us a funny story relating to your relationship!

Hayley: “On the second night of the Annual Meeting, Chris asked for my number so he could let me know what bar to come to later that night. I agreed and we went our separate ways for the evening. Later that night, Chris texted me to meet him at a bar downtown. I never replied to his text, so I stood him up. Chris never asked my age. Since I was 20, I could not get into the bar in the first place. Chris still has not let me live down the fact that I stood him up.”

What was your favorite part about planning your wedding?

Hayley: “Our favorite part about planning our wedding is definitely choosing the music. That has been the highlight! There were many nights where we have both had YouTube pulled up sitting at the dinner table blasting songs that we like. There have been lots of dancing and singing throughout wedding planning to say the least. All parts of planning have been fun for me, but I will remember the music picking the most because of how involved Chris was.”

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Describe a hurdle you had to overcome in your relationship.

“We have overcome many hurdles in our relationship. The most predominate hurdle looking back at our three years together would have to be the fact that we were long distance for almost two years. Hayley lived in Ringgold, Georgia and Chris lived in Denver, Colorado then moved to Amarillo, Texas. We would try to see each other every other month. One would fly to the other for the weekend. These were very trying times for us while we got to know each other from a distance. Thank goodness for technology, frequent flyer miles, and hotel reward points.”

What is the best thing you’ve learned from one another?

Hayley: “The best thing we have learned from each other is our love languages from George Chapman’s book ‘The Five Love Languages’. Our pastor recommended the book to us through our marriage counseling sessions. While reading the book, you try to figure out what love language you are as well as your spouses. We were a little surprised at each others. Chris’ love tank is filled by acts of service. It’s the little things I do without being asked that make his day. Some examples would be mowing the lawn when I know Chris doesn’t have time or having dinner ready when Chris gets home from a long work trip. My love tank is filled by words of affirmation and physical touch (I’m bilingual). I feel most loved by Chris when he compliments me or when we hold hands walking. Reading the book has allowed us to make sure we are loving each other in the right language. Our love languages will change over the course of our marriage so it will definitely be a book we keep nearby to continue learning about each other.”

What is the most honest thing you can say about love?

Hayley: “Love comes when you least expect it and definitely when you are not looking for it. Chris and I both found each other shortly after ending other relationships when we both swore off dating for good. Be patient and let love find you. It may not always be a fairytale love, but it will be real love.”

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photographer: Juicebeats Photography / venue: Howe Farms /  film lab: The Find Lab



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