Sweet Farm Engagement Session: Alyx & Jordan

Sweet Farm Engagement Session: Alyx & Jordan

Casual Relaxed Engagement

Oh I so love this next little engagement session from our friend Jessica of JJ Horton Photography! It’s an honor in and of itself to photograph such a sweet season in other’s lives—and even more so when those people hold a special place in your heart!

From Jessica of JJ Horton Photography:

“I first met Alyx nearly 10 years ago, when I was just starting to date my husband. Over the last few years, Alyx met Jordan and we couldn’t wait for them to get engaged. Jordan proposed late last year, and has stood by Alyx and her family as they faced difficult times this year. I crossed my fingers they would hire me to photograph their wedding… they did!

They elected to have their engagement session at the spot of their wedding, Morning Glory Farms, just east of Charlotte, NC. The working farm is a stunning backdrop for their session, it’s full of goats, cows, horses and beautiful scenery.

Alyx and Jordan’s silly spirits, sweet romance… and love for some Don Julio tequila will keep you on your toes. They are just so wonderful together, and I cannot wait for their wedding next year!”

Farm Engagement Session Casual Relaxed Engagement Farm Engagement Session

How did you meet? What were your first impressions of one another? 

Alyx: “Jordan and I attended the same high school (I told myself I would never end up with somebody from my hometown – never say never folks). Jordan was two grades above me, so we interacted frequently but we were never close friends. During my sophomore year in college and Jordan’s senior year, our paths crossed again. This time, it was a very different connection. At the time, my best friend was dating his brother. So, Jordan offered (some might say insisted) on take me fishing one day while we were all together. The rest is history! From day one, Jordan and I had an immediate connection. It was never awkward, never shy—and that very well may be one of my favorite parts of our love story. All it took was one day together and I knew. We were instantaneously inseparable. We made each other laugh every minute of every day, and from then on out it was incredibly easy to fall in love with him.”

Tell us a funny story relating to your relationship! 

Jordan: “For New Years Eve, we decided to go to the mountains for the weekend with Alyx’s roommate (Danielle) and her boyfriend (Stephen). For a month prior to the trip, Danielle and I were constantly talking and planning the proposal. Alyx and Danielle do their annual Friends Chrismas, and decided to do it that weekend. I made a picture book titled ‘All the Reasons I love You’ and put pictures in it of our relationship from the start. On the last page, it stated ‘…but before I can tell you I love you for the rest of our lives, I have just one question…’. The plan was to give her gift first, so that Danielle could take pictures and Stephen could video it. There were two chairs that sat in front of the fireplace, where this was supposed to take place. As I walked out to grab her present, Stephen sat down in one of the chairs (Which were supposed to be mine and Alyxs). When I entered, I needed to grab everyone’s attention so that Danielle and Stephen could do their ‘assigned tasks’. Long story short, Danielle didn’t get any pictures and Stephen didn’t get much of a video, due to them trying to be so discrete about their duties. So the proposal ended with no pictures, a half-way decent video, and Alyx asking me ‘Do you have to ask me about food?'”

Describe a hurdle you had to overcome in your relationship.

Alyx: “I think the biggest ‘hurdle’ for us thus far has not been anything we as a couple have had to overcome, but more of a personal struggle on my behalf. My dad passed away in January after his year-and-a-half long battle with ocular melanoma, just two weeks after Jordan and I became engaged. It has been the greatest loss of my lifetime, and at times wedding planning has been extremely hard and bittersweet having to envision this day without my father. However, I am comforted in knowing my dad thought that I would be loved and taken care for the rest of my life should his cancer regress—as it did. I fell more in love with Jordan when I found out he asked for my dads blessing—as they cried together in my kitchen just two months prior to our engagement. If it weren’t for Jordan being who he is, I would not have survived all the hard days I have faced and I wouldn’t be able to survive all the hard days yet to come.”

Casual Relaxed Engagement Farm Engagement Session Casual Relaxed Engagement Farm Engagement Session Casual Relaxed Engagement

What part of your wedding day is most important to you?

Jordan: “To me, the ceremony is the most important. Coming from a Christian background, marriage has been looked at as being a part of Gods plan for us. The ceremony seals the deal for Alyx and myself for life, and it makes it that much more exciting.” 

Alyx: “Rain or shine, guests or no quests, cake or no cake, the most important thing to me is that I walk away from that day as a wife to the man of my dreams. 

‘And the two will become one flesh. So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.’ Mark 10:8-9

I’m also really excited to have all of the people we love and who love us gathered in one place.” 

What is your favorite thing about each other?
Alyx: “My favorite thing about Jordan is his heart. He has heart that beats for God and beats for others. I also love that we just laugh. We are ALWAYS laughing. We genuinely enjoy being around each other. I’m going to blame him for my laughing lines when I’m 70.” 
Jordan: “My favorite thing about Alyx is that she has a care for people that I have never seen before. She wants everyone to like her, which often times leads her to over-analyze comments or conversations. She is one that will go out of her way to purchase a small gift or card for someone, just to let them know that she was thinking about them. Her smile is also up there at the top of my ‘favorites’ list.” 

What is the best thing you’ve learned from one another?

Jordan: “The best thing that I have learned is that I am truly blessed to marry Alyx. She has been my support during rough times, my motivator during tough times, and my cheerleader during great times.” 

Alyx: “From Jordan, I have learned that someone can love all parts of you. All the parts you are embarrassed of. All the parts that you don’t love about yourself.” 

Farm Engagement Session Casual Relaxed Engagement Farm Engagement Session Casual Relaxed Engagement Farm Engagement Session Casual Relaxed Engagement

If you had one piece of advice for other couples, what would it be?

Jordan: “Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk… Talk about your day, talk about plans for the weekend, talk about the news, etc. Never go to bed angry at each other, regardless if it means that you stay up til 2am in the morning to talk about how you feel.” 

Alyx: “My advice to other couples would be to keep God an integral part of your relationship. I have talked to God about Jordan long before I knew Jordan would hold such a special place in my heart and in my life. I have prayed for him AND about him since the day we re-met.” 

What is the most honest thing you can say about love?

Jordan: “True love is fun. Who wouldn’t want to spend their life with the person that lights up their darkest days, or the one who is more excited about accomplishments that I am. Nobody ever said that love was easy, but it is truly worth every part of the journey.” 

Alyx: “The most honest thing I can say about love is that it should feel easy. Notice I said ‘feel’ not ‘be’. Jordan and I’s relationship has felt ‘easy’ since day one. However, a relationship is work. It takes work. It requires selflessness and it requires sacrifice. But, the willingness to sacrifice comes from the purest form of love. If the love is right and if the ultimate goal is to be together, then it never really feels like sacrifice anyways. As long as you want your partner to be happy, I think that’s as selfless as it gets.” 

Farm Engagement Session Casual Relaxed Engagement Farm Engagement Session Casual Relaxed Engagement Farm Engagement Session Casual Relaxed Engagement Farm Engagement Session

photographer: JJ Horton Photography / venue: Morning Glory Farm / dress boutique: Nordstrom / dress designer: Show Me Your Mumu / makeup artist: Bailey Upchurch / film lab: The FIND Lab


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