Shawne & DJ’s Rustic Wedding with a Vie...

Shawne & DJ’s Rustic Wedding with a View

Shawne & DJ had a beautiful outdoor wedding with a lovely view that was filled with fun, family, and lots of love and laughter! We love how intimate and homey everything felt … let’s dive into their story!

from the photographer: We woke up that morning to thick gray clouds over us and hoped that we wouldn’t have rain, but things were not looking promising. As I arrived to the wedding location, Mt. View Weddings, in Sandy, Oregon, light droplets of rain started coming down just after I took photos of the special details, like the ring box that was a hand carved family heirloom. To my surprise, it rained during indoor getting ready portraits of the Bride, Shawne, and Groom, DJ and then cleared up briefly. We went straight away to the first look while we had the lucky moment of no rain and I still remember how fresh the earth smelled and what a sweet moment it was as Shawne met DJ on the deck over the water to see each other for the first time that day. We rolled right into sentimental handwritten vows by the Bride and Groom. They got to relax and sit down by the waters edge on lawn chairs and I absolutely adored this casual heartfelt moment where they got to pour their hearts out to one another and make sweet promises with tear filled eyes as Husband and Wife. As we headed back toward the reception and ceremony location to get ready for the Ceremony to take place, the details all came together beautifully, dusty pale blue candles with rich turquoise accents adorned the tables and lush, full yet minimal blooms with small touches of periwinkle thistle by Anna Nelson of Mimosa Floral Co decorated each table and the triangle arch. Brooke Spevacek from Beyond the Date perfectly placed the stunning tableware: crisp white plates with modern black silverware. During the ceremony, we had the most beautiful rich blue sky with billowing white clouds as opposed to our earlier rainy moments and some sun even peeked through for us, I just had to take a double exposure on my film camera! We went into the reception post ceremony and all of a sudden the most glorious sun peeked over the Christmas trees and we were literally running to catch the last bits of sunlight for some cozy Bride and Groom portraits. This is hands down the craziest display of different weather I’ve had at a wedding! The night ended with dancing, donuts, and you may have guessed it, RAIN, pouring down on everyone! What a wonderful crowd of people who came together to celebrate such a special day for Shawne and DJ. As I packed up my things and headed out for the evening I could still hear everyone singing and dancing their hearts out under the warm shower from above!

How did you two meet? What were your first impressions of one another?

We swiped RIGHT!! The summer of 2014 I had some girlfriends talk me into getting a tinder, and my first match was DJ. We talked for a few weeks before we met up. We decided to both friend a friend with and make it a double date. We met up in Pacific City, OR to have a beach day, DJ taught me how to put on a wetsuit and skimboard. We ended the evening with pizza by the fire and made plans to hang out the next day.
SHAWNE : My first impression of DJ was his smile, he is always smiling and making joy of the little things.
DJ: My first impression of Shawne was how adventurous she is. She put on a wetsuit and tried to skimboard on the first day I met her.

Describe a hurdle you had to overcome in your relationship or during your wedding planning.

Getting married in 2020 there were plenty of hurdles to overcome, the one we look back on the most is the wildfires. The Labor Day wildfires that year were devastating and a lot of our friends and family are Firefighter paramedics who at any moment be called out to help fight the fires. The smoke was heavy where our venue was so we were scrambling to find other venues to move our wedding to in a week. As Oregon does, it rained until the day of our wedding helping put out a majority of the fires, ridding the smoke, and clearing up to a perfect overcast day!!

What part of your wedding day was/is most important to you?

The most important part of our wedding day was being able to have a first look moment with each other and reading our vows privately. We felt like it took some pressure off of us during our ceremony. It was a nice to have a moment to sit alone together and enjoy a slow moment in the very busy day.

What is the best thing you’ve learned from one another?

DJ: Before I met Shawne, I never thought of myself as a dog person, but she had her dog Copper and she talked me into getting him a friend. Shawne found some puppies at a shelter for us to “look at” and we went home with a puppy. Despite the dog hair, I love our dogs.
SHAWNE : One of the best things I’ve learned from DJ is to enjoy the moments even when they aren’t great because when you make the best of a situation later down the road it can make for a great memory.

Photographer: Katie Hernandez – Katie Ann Photography 
Venue: Mountain View Weddings
Stylist / Planner / Designer: Brooke Spevacek – Beyond the Date
Floral Designer: Anna Nelson – Mimosa Floral Company
Dress Boutique: Charlotte’s Weddings 
Dress Designer: Lillian West
Cake Designer: The Cheesecake Factory 
Rentals: Lily & Cane Event Rentals
Accessories / Decor: Lily & Cane Event Rentals
Film Lab: Goodman Film Lab
Charcuterie Boards: Nicole – The Grazing Board
DJ: DJ Manny – Pure Vision Entertainment

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