Picnic Engagement with Ana and Dylan

Picnic Engagement with Ana and Dylan

A charming picnic engagement with Ana and Dylan embodying a sweet feel that makes you a sad to see summer go. The simple nature of the session brings your focus fully on the couple and the joy they share. Be warned, after viewing this session, you’ll want to grab your favorite homemade lemonade, sit on a blanket and watch the sun go down!

Ana and Dylan had the most fun, playful and sweet engagement session in Maumee Bay Ohio. They wanted a romantic, playful picnic vibe and they absolutely achieved that with their adorable props including Ana’s pastel blue vintage bike. Ana and Dylan have a sweet connection and are so excited and giddy to be getting married next April. -Kate Capper Photography The cutest picnic setup, vintage blue pastel bike and sweetest couple made for such a fun and romantic engagement session. Ana and Dylan are so giddy with each other, you can tell how excited and happy they are to be getting married next April!

Any special ways you incorporated your family or family history into your wedding day? I know it’s not specifically about our wedding day, but Dylan had proposed at our new house we had just bought that week at our house warming party. We hosted our closest family and were getting ready to do a complete renovation when Dylan had popped the question. It was such a beautiful moment shared with them and I’ll never forget that day! What is the best thing you’ve learned from one another? From time to time, every relationship has their occasional arguments. Maybe it’s about who is next to clean the bathroom or who gets to have the last piece of pizza. When Dylan and I get into a predicament, we can never take each other serious. We usually just end up laughing at each other. Don’t take things TOO seriously, always find the laughter in situations as silly as that! If you had one piece of advice for other couples, what would it be? Be willing to try the things your loved ones enjoy doing. Dylan is a very outdoorsy man–he hunts, fishes, and loves spending time by the lake. Before I met Dylan, I was the complete opposite. However, after we started dating, he brought me out of my shell and included me in his explorations. I’ve learned how to fish, trap, and do many things I thought I would hate! The same goes for Dylan, too. I am big into the arts, I love musicals and plays. I took him to see his first Broadway musical and now he won’t stop asking to see another! It makes us both happy that we are both willing to try new things and get out of our own comfort zones for each other. What is the most honest thing you can say about love? When you are in love with your best friend, everything is just that much more enjoyable. Any and everything you do together is just more fun. Having someone who understands you and is there by your side on your best days and worst helps make life that much better. You’ll know when that someone is the one for you. You’ll feel complete. Photographer Kate Capper Photography
Venue: Maumee Bay State Park

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