A Cowboy Country Proposal

A true romance novel story … a cowboy riding in to get his girl and get down on one knee to propose that she spend the rest of her life with him. In this story … it all worked out just fine! Read on to see …

the story from the photographer: “The couple, Amanda & Luis (Luciano), proposed on March 20th 2020 which coincidentally was the first day of lockdown due to the pandemic (in Los Angeles county) and the first day of spring. Funny enough, Luis hit me up months prior, I want to say at least six-seven months prior so I could photograph his proposal to Amanda.

I had photographed them before for a class project and it was the excuse I gave Amanda to take photos again, for a class project and Luis planned to propose to Amanda during the photo session. It panned out because she had no idea. He proposed close to the end of the photo session; he was nervous.

Because of school, schedules, rainy weather, etc., we kept postponing. It was down to the wire at that point, we were having an unusual (for L.A.) amount of rain and muddy conditions to be out in the middle of nowhere and rumors of lockdown were floating around and it was then announced a few days (prior to the proposal) that Friday the 20th of March 2020 was lockdown for the next fifteen days, well, we all know how long that actually lasted.

So it was either we take the photos now or wait until God knows when. It worked out either way.

You know how they say in the movie industry to never work with children or animals? Well, I believe the same can almost apply to photography. Only because you never know how they’ll react to the shutter sound, flash etc. Don’t get me wrong, as a photographer I believe it’s our job to tackle whichever challenge we come across during a photo sesh with professionalism and empathy.

Well, let me tell ya, when you have a horse to take care of (I had to hold the leather strap attached to him while I took the photos) when the couple is in the middle of proposing all while trying to capture the moment, it can be nerve wrecking AF. But I believe it’s a testament to the true beauty of shooting on 35mm film, meter once (with an external light meter) and you’re (as a photographer) then free to focus on your models/clients with 35 shots to get the job done.

Geeky Tech Info:
Nikon F5 w/ Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 AF-G SP
Fujifilm C200 + Kodak UltraMax 400″

Photographer: The Drunk Wedding Photographer / Venue: Mormon Rocks in Southern California / Film Lab: Negative Lab / Ring: Robbins Brothers in Riverside / Earrings: American Eagle / Watch: Burberry / Amanda’s Jeans: Levi‘s / Boots: Botas Doble R / Belt: Ariat / Jacket: Powder River Outfits Collection by Panhandle Western Wear / Horse Name: Big Red / Breed: American Quarter Horse / Horses Color: Bay Roan / Saddle: Long Horn Ranch / Luciano’s Jeans & Shirt: Cinch / Hat: American Hat CO. / Luciano’s Boots: Tony Lama Boots / Belt: Chilo Torres Leather Goods / Belt + Buckle: Herradura de Oro

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