Christine & Alex’s Virginia Vineyard We...

Christine & Alex’s Virginia Vineyard Wedding

We love Christine & Alex’s wedding day, and their story of how they conquered the odds to meet each other and make their relationship work! Since we just entered the new year, it’s fitting to start off with a story about a couple who met at a New Years Eve party in 2015 …

the story from Alex:The ball dropped and 2015 was here!

One of my new years resolutions was to start dating, in hopes of finding a long term relationship and eventually, a partner for life.

It was a cold weeknight in Maryland, during Christmas-New Years break. My best friend, Bernard, was having a house party at his parent’s house and invited a few people over. Thinking it was just like any other party/hangout, I was not expecting to meet anyone in particular…

That’s when she, my (soon to be wife), walked in and was introduced to everyone. As I looked up, I swear, there was a light shining down on her as she hand combed her hair from one side to the other, just like a scene in a movie. I was thinking “WOW, she’s pretty” and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her that night.

Fast forward through the party, I still hadn’t gotten the courage to go and talk to her so I decided to be subtle by being loud and obnoxious so that maybe she might notice me. It didn’t work (or so I thought). The party ended and I watched her put on her shoes and leave, and just like that she disappeared from my life (or so I thought).

My friends (desperate to find me a girlfriend) organized a group “huddle” to strategize my next move, and encouraged me to text her cousin for her number. I eventually got Christine’s number, a first for me.

The next day, I googled how to text a girl so I wouldn’t sound desperate and mess things up. I was about to give up and not text her, but again, my friends were there to help me pull the trigger.

We texted, Facetime’d, and she invited me to New York two weeks later. Again, I felt like I should back out but my friends insisted I should give it a try. I hopped on a bus going to the Big Apple, and that’s how it all began.

After a grueling 2.5 years of long distance dating, taking turns traveling to New York and Maryland every other week, I decided to move up to New York. A year later, I found myself kneeling to my best friend and love of my life… ”

Any advice for other couples? 

Be patient with each other, look at each other’s qualities not their flaws. Love takes nurturing, it’s like a plant you have to water it everyday and you have to watch it grow and care for it.

Photographer: Feather & Fawn Photography / venue: Breaux Vineyard / stylist / planner / designer: Hannah Kao / floral designer: The Rosy Posy / dress boutique: Nordstrom / dress designer: Amsale / cake designer: Catering By Seasons / makeup artist: Suhreal Artistry / hair stylist: UpDos For I Dos / film lab: Photovision /  Papers – Stephanie Lo / DJ – Good Vibrations

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