Sentimental French Anniversary Session in the Stre...

Sentimental French Anniversary Session in the Streets of Paris: Nicolas & Amanda

French Anniversary Session

One of my absolute favorite parts of this job has got to be hearing how our couples met! We’ve heard everything from dating apps to elevator meet cutes and everything in between. And while some of our couples have stories that spanned years before true love came to mind, others — like Nicolas — knew precisely the moment their future crossed into their view! 

A word from photographer, Maricle Kang:

“Amanda and Nicolas are both from and live in Paris, France. They have a beautiful daughter together! I asked them how they met, and Nicolas was so happy to tell me: ‘It was love at first sight!’ One day he saw Amanda walking like a goodness on the street, he couldn’t help but go talk to her and give her his number. He didn’t expect she would call, so he went back to the same spot and hoped to see her again. He eventually saw her again and Amanda was moved, and the rest is history, they said.

I could totally tell why Nicolas was attracted to Amanda. Just from our two hour shoot, Amanda was kind and sweet, and she is just so beautiful. I just love how Amanda’s skin shines through the images. We had the shoot at three locations that represent Paris: the iconic Trocadero overlooking Eiffel Tower, Seine River showcasing the turquoise colour of the river, and the Le Parc du Luxembourg featuring the Palace in the background and the beautiful tree tunnel. Each place offers a different feeling and aesthetic of Paris, where Amanda and Nicolas fell in love!”

Love notes from the couple, Nicolas & Amanda:

How did you two meet? What were your first impressions of one another?

Nicolas: “I approached Amanda on the street, I fell in love with her. It was love at first sight! I asked her if she wanted to be my model and offered to take photos of her, as I am a photographer. This was the beginning of our story. My first impression of Amanda was that she is so beautiful and confident. Amanda’s first impression of me was weird I bet, but also brave. I wasn’t scared to ask what I wanted.”

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Describe a hurdle you had to overcome in your relationship or during your wedding planning.

“There are so many decisions in life to make: buying a house, a car, where to live, what to do in life. These decisions are so hard to make sometimes because we want to make everyone happy. But we have to always remind ourselves that it’s our life, we have to do what’s best for ourselves and our daughter. We don’t need to complicate the situation. Of course, having open and healthy communication is the key to overcome any hurdle in our relationship!”

What is the best thing you’ve learned from one another?

Nicolas: “I’ve learned from Amanda to just appreciate the present moments and cherish the people around us.”

Amanda: “I’ve learned from Nicolas to try new things, live new experiences, go out travel and explore.”

What is the most important thing in your marriage?

“Communication! Everything can be solved if we are open to each other and talk about our feelings. Do not hide from each other because the other would also want to know what you are thinking. The key to a healthy relationship is to talk it out, and don’t let any argument go overnight!”

What is the most honest thing you can say about love?

“Love is simple. Love is to have someone to share laughter with (as I like when Nicolas makes me laugh, and Nicolas loves when he hears me laugh!) Love is to have someone to share your life with: to listen when I cry, when I am angry, and when I am frustrated. It is just that simple.”

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photographer: Maricle Kang / location: why, Paris, of course! / film lab: PhotoVision


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