Cool Coastal Bridal Inspiration

Cool Coastal Bridal Inspiration

Today, we have the privilege of viewing such a unique and beautiful session by the ocean. This week is turning out to be a coastal/ocean themed week, yes, we totally planned that (kidding, we didn’t). We love this session because of the unique color coordinations of the blue coastal waters and the pink and red floral arrangements. One of our favorite parts of this session, is the vintage looking black and white photos on the rocks. They bring a sense of nostalgia to the shoot making this session quite phenomenal. Make sure to check out the pink painted sunset in a few of the shots. Enjoy! 

From the Photographer: We wanted to incorporate the color of the year, a Pantone classic blue and use the late Mediterranean sun and rugged rocks to create a different type of bridal shoot as opposed to a more normal sunset beach shoot.

From the Photographer: Florals were a key part of the design and the flower bed and the arch we key elements in how we wanted to shoot our bride. We chose a fitted Inmaculada Garcia dress that had an additional layer allowing movement to be a key part of the imagery. 

Photography: Bloomfield Photography | Floral: Studio de Fleurs | Hair: Alex Bridal | Makeup: Nicola McGeorge | Videography: Jeremy Standley | Wedding Dress: Inmaculada Garcia | Model: Kristi Gor | Headpiece: Eleventh Heaven | Submitted via: Matchology

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