Booking a Boudoir Session for Valentine’s Da...

Booking a Boudoir Session for Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentines Day! Today we are sharing this beautiful boudoir styled by White Wren Collaborative member Marla Lawson Events – she’s sharing with us some reasons why a boudoir gift makes an excellent Valentines Day (or any day, really!) surprise for your special someone.

from Marla Lawson: “A truly special way to celebrate your love on the day of love is to gift your partner with something so completely unique and meaningful – photos of you, tailored towards them. This is a long-lasting gift for your Valentine, as well as a special and empowering gift to give yourself. If you’re considering a boudoir session as an intimate Valentine’s Day gift, it’s important to pick a photographer that you feel completely comfortable with, and one who you know will encourage you to be your authentically beautiful self throughout the shoot. It’s also an incredibly helpful idea to get professional hair and makeup done before your session, since you’ll naturally be in a more vulnerable state than you’re used to and the little extra pampering will make you feel all the more confident. Finally, if you’re investing in a shoot as special as this, it makes a huge difference to have a stylist on set with the photographer to help stage the scene and pose you in the most flattering and comfortable ways – your photographer is going to be focusing primarily on angles and lighting, so having a stylist present ensures that every pose you’re in is not only a gorgeous shot, but is also a gorgeous representation of you! And, lastly, a glass of champagne or two always helps…

We styled this romantic photo shoot with Valentine’s Day in mind, and it was created with the inspiration of a newlywed wife preparing a beautifully intimate evening with her husband. The soft light of the shoot, as well as the soft colors of the settings, the flowers, and her lace-covered lingerie is meant to show the soft intimacy and romance of Valentine’s Day. Incorporating some of the couple’s favorite things into the shoot was an important way of adding in the unique personality of them both – the antique radio is a favored staple in their living room and is placed in the shoot behind Chloe to evoke their timeless love. The vintage wash board illustrates the anticipated time for what is to come. Split colors creating an ombre floral affect surrounding Chloe were purposefully place to portray the balance of love between the husband and wife. Although they are contrasting when arranged together they create a beautiful love featuring Chloe in the middle. Her natural look and willingness to be vulnerable in front of the camera was key to capturing her true self.

Love notes are an integral part of how Neil and Chloe celebrate their Valentine’s Day together, and we chose to display their deep appreciation for the great loves of the past by using a quote from Beethoven on our main featured note. She is captured with the note on the table during our shoot, and displays it on the table for their special dinner together at the end of the session. 

We chose to melt the bedroom scene seamlessly into the dinner scene for the couple, to illustrate the close and quiet intimacy that graced the entire shoot, and also because so many personal elements from the couple are present throughout the entire shoot, it felt natural to create all of the scenes in one simple space.”

Photographer: Lindley Battle Photography /  Styling & Design: Marla Lawson Events / Makeup: Holly Stack of 4th Street Brow Studio / Lingerie: For Love & Lemons / Macaroons: The Humble Bee / Gold Flatware: West Elm (Greensboro) / Tablecloth: Party Tables / Model: Chloe Craver / Calligraphy: Calligraphy by Carole

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