Blissful Lakeside Proposal: Molly & William

Blissful Lakeside Proposal: Molly & William

Blissful Lakeside Proposal

We see a lot of engagements grace our features, and of course their resulting nuptials, but it is a rare and special sight indeed to be able to witness the moment of proposal! William enlisted the talents of Katie Webb to sneakily document the moment he asked his love to be his wife. What resulted is a lovely window into the evening this sweet little duo took their first steps into forever, and I for one can feel every ounce of joy!

From the photographer, Katie Webb:

“My assistant (aka my amazing husband) and I anxiously waited behind two big trees for William & Molly to make their way over to the spot William had planned to propose. We snuck around the tree at just the right angle so that they didn’t see us until well after the proposal. 

Of course, these photos just don’t do this gorgeous glowing sunset justice. Soft oranges and pinks graced the sky, but I knew capturing these fleeting moments of this couple were most important, so I exposed my film to best illuminate William & Molly. 

These intimate moments were so simple, quiet, and full of bliss, and I am so thankful to have been able to honor this sweet couple with these photos!”

From the couple, Molly & William:

How did you two meet? What were your first impressions of one another?

Molly: “We met in college at UT. Our paths started crossing quite a bit when I was asked to be a Sweetheart for a co-ed service and spirit group called the Texas Cowboys. William was a member, so our social lives started intertwining. Our first official date was at an Italian restaurant on South Congress called Vespaio. We made quick conversation and found a lot of common ground immediately. I got the sense that a serious relationship was something neither of us were seeking out but sort of serendipitously just found after that first date. I thought he was charming, interesting, approachable, so handsome and too good to be true!”

William: “I thought Molly was beautiful, kind, and funny from our first conversation. I asked her to dance at a party and found out she was a very good dancer. Although we came from the same city, we didn’t get to know each other until college. We soon realized that Molly’s older brother had coached my little league team when I was thirteen years old and that her second-cousin was one of my good friends in high school! I also found out from one of Molly’s friends that she had a blog, and I started following that, which helped me get a better sense of her more creative and artistic side.”

Tell us a funny story relating to your wedding day or relationship!

Molly: “We both come from big families. I’m the baby of seven, and William is the second oldest of six boys! While we both understood what a large family dynamic was like, it was interesting to see each other’s from such different vantage points than our own. I’ll never forget the first Thanksgiving William spent with my family. The conversation went from grocery stores to diaper brands to bedtime routines. It was quite the opposite at his house for holidays where hunting, fishing and football were the hot topics. The polarity has been hilarious and honestly, offered us great perspective. I’ve enjoyed going back in time and having ‘little brothers’ to bond with; William has had the unique opportunity see what the future holds when your siblings start forming families of their own.”

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What is your favorite thing about each other?

Molly: “His passion. From the sport of snowboarding to his spiritual life, William is extremely invested in the things he feels are most important in his life. His spirit for living his best life inspires me to the same.”

William: “Her faith. Christ is at the center of our relationship and it binds us more than anything.”

Describe a hurdle you had to overcome in your relationship or during your wedding planning.

Molly: “We spent our first two summers together apart. He went to London for an internship within weeks of us starting to date. In retrospect, we think that time apart from the get-go made us realize how much we meant to each other and wanted to make this relationship work. I knew I wanted to spend time abroad as well, so the next summer, I took off for Europe for ten weeks. I was blessed to have him visit me toward the beginning, but it was trying toward the end. He was interning back in Houston, and I was making the most of this rare time in my life where I could travel with best friends for a whole summer. I have no doubt that prioritizing what was important for us individually helped us become a better couple together. 

William: “The same challenge also occurred when I graduated college and she was still finishing up school in Austin. I was working an entry level and very time consuming analyst position while she was finishing school in Austin, so we went from hanging out several times a week to making long distance calls and seeing each other only once every couple of weekends. Besides that, it was a somewhat overwhelming task getting to know each other’s large families. The first couple of holidays in which I would meet droves of brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, etc. was not only a lot to handle but also a lot to remember!”

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Any special ways you incorporated your family or family history into your wedding day?

Molly: “It was very important to us to get married at our home church. I’ll never forget going to Mass with my mom when I was in middle school and her pointing to the mom with her six boys in the opposite pew. She said ‘you should marry one of those boys,’ making the mantra of mother knows best seem all too true. We have spent many Sundays there since with or without each other or our families, so it seems fitting to celebrate our marriage there.”

What part of your wedding day is most important to you?

Molly: “That brief time before William and I enter the reception just beginning that state of wedded bliss. I’m an introvert, but somehow, being with William recharges me more than being by myself. I want to make sure we set aside the smallest of time to savor how exciting the evening ahead will be celebrating with all our many loved ones.”

William: “I can’t wait to see her walk down the aisle!”

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What is the best thing you’ve learned from one another?

Molly: “Someone else can make you a better version of yourself. So often we hear that deciding to get married is signing your life away, so to speak. I’ve found quite the opposite to be true with William in that he encourages me to live my best life. Whether it’s investing in my best girl friends, spending time with my siblings or embracing spontaneity, he has been the most positive influence in my life since we met when I was a twenty-year-old.”

William: “Molly has taught me what it means to be a good person in every aspect of my life. I take the love she shows me and I am able to spread to others like I never could have before.”


photographer: Katie Webb / venue: Lake Travis in Austin, TX / film lab: PhotoVision

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