Bella Collina Wedding: Hannah & Mark

Bella Collina Wedding: Hannah & Mark

Bella Collina means ‘Beautiful Hill’ in Italian. And this lovely wedding today has all the beauty that we adore, and Everence Photography was there to cpature it all! This sweet couple celebrated their special day among friends and family, with this backdrop of beautiful stone, vine, and greenery showcasing them. They were also so sweet as to share their story of how they met, decided where they were going to live and work, and a cute story about Mark refusing to take his jacket off on a hot day that he proposed! Let’s get started …

How did you two meet? What were your first impressions of one another?

One of my best friends from college started dating her now husband. His best friend is Mark, who at the time lived in Pennsylvania. Mark added me on Facebook after we were all tagged in pictures together. I actually messaged him first because I thought he was cute! We started chatting daily for weeks! He had an upcoming trip planned to visit Florida and we figured that was the perfect opportunity to meet. We went on a double date with our best friends. I was SO nervous. I stood outside the restaurant for about ten minutes before I went inside. I thought he was SO sweet and cute when I met him. He was everything I imagined him being leading up to our first official meeting.

Tell us a funny story relating to your wedding day or relationship!

The day Mark proposed was actually pretty funny. He carried the engagement ring around all day long from morning to evening time in the pocket of his jacket he was wearing. He refused to take off the jacket even though it was SO hot outside. I had no clue he was carrying around the ring for hours and hours throughout the day. I also never questioned why he wouldn’t take off his jacket. We laugh about it to this day.

Describe a hurdle you had to overcome in your relationship or during your wedding planning.

Mark and I were long distance for about 8 months of our engagement. I looked into teaching in Pennsylvania and he interviewed at a handful of places in Florida. We were willing to move to a new city in either state and he was even willing to try a completely different career. He landed a job doing exactly what he was doing in Pennsylvania but in the city I was working! We think it’s fate. However, there was a long period of not knowing where we would end up.

Any special ways you incorporated your family or family history into your wedding day?

We thought it would be special to use his grandmother’s cake serving set for our own wedding. She used it at her own wedding many, many years ago!

What part of your wedding day was/is most important to you?

The most important part to me was definitely being surrounded by the people who mattered most. We kept the guest list under 100 and wanted the people who meant the most to us to share our special day. I wanted to look out into the crowd and know all of the faces that were there. Small and intimate was always our goal.

What is the best thing you’ve learned from one another?

Mark and I balanced each other out perfectly during the wedding. He had a way of keeping me calm and collected during important decision making. I definitely taught him how to prioritize and cross off one thing at a time! We booked each vendor at a separate time, trying not to overwhelm ourselves!

What is your favorite thing about each other?

My favorite thing about Mark is how patient he is. No matter what the circumstance is, he handles it without showing any signs of stress of frustration. His calm demeanor in any situation is admirable. Mark says his favorite thing about me is how caring I am about my friends and family. He tells me that whenever a friend or family member needs me, I drop what I am doing for them.

What was your favorite part about planning your wedding?

I have two favorite parts. One favorite part was working with my photographer. She was so much fun to work with and every time I had a question or concern, it felt like I was talking to a friend. I loved taking engagement pictures too!

My second favorite part was helping scope out pretty places for my bridal luncheon (which I had the day before our wedding) and rehearsal dinner! Since our wedding was in a different city for the hosts, I got to help find the places for those events! It was fun to research and share my ideas with my aunts and mother in law who were throwing the events.

If you had one piece of advice for other couples, what would it be?

Not to freak out when you don’t hear from vendors right away. There were so many vendors I felt like I barely heard from for months and months! Once I booked them, they seemed to forget about the event! However, as soon as we were a few weeks away, they all started reaching out to me to make sure everything was set. I had to go through that to realize they were obviously reaching out to brides who had weddings way sooner than ours!

What is the most honest thing you can say about love?

It challenges you at times but it is the most humbling and amazing feeling to know you’ve found your person.

Photographer: Everence Photography / venue: Bella Collina  / stylist, planner, designer: Weddings Unique / floral designer: In Bloom Florist / dress designer: Essence of Australia  / cake designer:  Sofelle Cake Artistry / accessories and decor: BHLDN  / film lab: Photovision Prints

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