A Urban Miami Engagement: Thomas & Keena

A Urban Miami Engagement: Thomas & Keena

You don’t need an elaborate engagement session. Something that is meaningful and represents the two of you, and tells your story. We love this beautiful and classy engagement session that Thomas & Keena had, which really reflects just them!

from photographer and White Wren Collaborative Member Danielle Hutchinson: “Thomas and Keena spent the first few years of their relationship traveling to other countries and places. They checked off London, Spain and Morocco together so it was only fitting Thomas would propose in Rome. A year later we decided to meet for a European inspired anniversary session in the heart of Miami, complete with espressos and lattes at a bistro and dancing in front of Laduree. You can feel the love between their soft smiles and embraces!”


How did you two meet? What were your first impressions of one another?

Thomas and I met in high school. We had a lot of mutual friends but didn’t really make a connection until our 20s.

What is your favorite thing about each other?

My favorite thing about Thomas is his lightheartedness. I am naturally a very anxious person, and Thomas’ lighthearted nature has really helped to level me out when I am going through a highly anxious moment.

Thomas’ favorite thing about me is that I am a planner. He says “I am someone who likes to just go through life without planning much, and just go with the flow. It is nice to have someone who can help guide you through this crazy thing called life.”

What is the best thing you’ve learned from one another?

Keena: “From Thomas I have learned to not take everything so seriously. It’s not worth it to get riled up by things you don’t have control over.”

Thomas: “Keena has shown me that you can’t go through every day without a plan. You have to plan things to have better results in life.”

What is the most important thing in your marriage?

The most important thing in our marriage is spending quality time together. Life can get hectic at times and before you know it, a year passes by in a flash. It’s important to stop and enjoy the moment together. Whether we are just lounging around the house or enjoying an evening out we try to make time just for the two of us.

If you had one piece of advice for other couples, what would it be?

Clear communication and honesty are everything in marriage. I think many arguments could be avoided if people just simply talked to each other instead of waiting for the other person to guess what’s wrong. You have to be honest with yourself and honest with your partner. If there is something you need from your relationship, you should express that to your partner in a kind, but clear way.

Photographer: Danielle Hutchinson

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