Yuli and Andre by the Sea

Love by the sea. That place where land, water, and air all meet and collide in a salty spray of romance. There’s always something inherently romantic about being near the water, and what better place to do an engagement session? That’s just what Yuli and Andre did …

from the photographer, White Wren Collaborative member Allie Case: “Yuli and Andre wanted to go to Malibu and explore. In this exploration we created images that were authentic to them. Yuli and Andre were down for anything, they even got in the water and sat down. Andre was so about Yuli and you can just tell how in love they are with each other. At one point Andre said – “You are making all of Yuli’s photo dreams come true.” I was inspired by the way that Andre was so invested and passionate about Yuli’s vision and hopes for these photos. They not only wanted it to be authentic to them, but we also created an adventure in the process.”

How did you two meet? What were your first impressions of one another?
A sudden change of plans to join girlfriends to my high-school football game led to one of the most life changing day of our lives. Andres had a football scrimmage at my home town and just so happens he was hurt that game so he didn’t get to play. After a couple of back and forth smiles and glances Andres walked over to me, introduced himself and the rest is history.

Y: Definitely the way Andres carried himself. His calm, cool and collected demeanor attracted me and effortlessly grabbed my attention.

A: Yuli instantly caught my eye. I thought she was the most beautiful girl I’ve ever laid eyes on! Her smile and her laughter grabbed my attention as she walked past me.

What part of your wedding day was/is most important to you?
Y: The ceremony is definitely the most important part of our wedding for us. Getting married to my best friend In front of all our friends and family is so surreal. The ceremony is where our marriage starts. Its where you soak up all of the love from your loved ones and celebrate your commitment with them by our side.
A: The moment Yuli says “I do” is the most important to me. I also want her to enjoy and love the reception, I want it to be an unforgettable experience for her.

What is the best thing you’ve learned from one another?
Y: Together we’ve learned that as long as we have each other anything is possible. We’re a team, and time and time again we’ve proved to one another that no matter what life throws at us, we’re ready to conquer every obstacle.
A: Yuli has taught me patience. I really needed it in my life and I love her so much for it.

What is your favorite thing about each other?
Y: I love how caring and protective Andre is of me. He will do absolutely anything to make me happy.
A: Her unconditional love everyday! Not one day goes by without a phone call and a reminder of how much she loves me.

What was your favorite part about planning your wedding?
Without a doubt being able to do it together. This journey is a once in a life time experience and I’m glad I get to do it with my best friend. Andre has been involved in every single decision we’ve had to make, he’s been awesome. Seeing all of our hard work come to life and having our loved ones around to witness it all is definitely something we’re looking forward to .

Photographer Allie Case / Venue El Matador State Beach, Malibu, CA / Dress Designer Tara Keely (White Dress) Rat and Boa (Green dress) / Hair Stylist Bridal Buns / Men’s Formalwear Men’s Wearhouse / Film Lab The Find Lab

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