Ballroom Opulence Wedding Inspiration

Ballroom Opulence Wedding Inspiration

Brilliant yellows and blacks come together for this twist on a ballroom masquerade! Elegance and opulence together for a masked conceptual twist on a classic wedding with some pops of color!

from the photographer: “When the enchanting, mysterious world of the Bal Masqué meets the glow of flamboyant green and yellow, magic happens.

Our team, carefully orchestrated by Malu from Emoove Paris, has recently interpreted this worldly carnival of the Age of Enlightenment into a modern wedding, capturing a fairytale story of an encounter destined to become a fused union.

In this setting imbued with elegance and joy, imagined by Cécilia of Fox’s Design, vibrant yellow is inspired by Rococo art, drawing a bucolic, sunny canvas where love can blossom.

As they enter the ball, these two souls discover each other. Luminous in her majestic, flamboyant gown sewn by the fairy fingers of L’atelier Silvia Daniele, he couldn’t help but notice her. They drew closer, hand in hand, the angelic melody of Julie’s harp bewitching them, and performed their first dance. Their masks barely revealing their gazes triggered an instant connection, letting their smiles reveal their attraction. This spark would illuminate the rest of their story, lured by the promise of esoteric romance.

The invitations, highlighted with accessories from The Flatlay Design and Fox’s Design, announced their ceremony to their loved ones with refined stationery in soft materials.

“The big day finally arrived, and Lolita was given her beauty treatment by the talented Jenni Haussman in one of the Château’s spacious rooms. Everything was thought out so that the bride-to-be could relax and enjoy this sunny day. Her favorite beverage, tea, was staged at the edge of the soothing pool in the park’s rear gardens, in the form of “The Time”, using furniture and accessories from the Cabinet des Renards.

It’s time for the bride to dress in her bespoke wedding gown and Joni Daripani designer jewelry, finishing with Something Blue shoes reminiscent of the bal Masqué feather, to look her best for the man in her life.

She walks down the aisle… their eyes sparkle!

The wedding was a celebration of their passionate love, beside a fountain of youth at the Château de Nainville-les-Roches, making their adoration for each other indestructible, and sealed by rings carefully chosen by Pérrigot Joailliers.

The details were carefully selected to create a poetic atmosphere inspired by Fragonard’s famous painting of a young woman on a swing in the verdant gardens. A unique moment is engraved on the tree of life for the bride and groom, happy to experience a childhood memory.

“To round off this marvelous day, we meet up with the lovers over a glass of Ruinart, accompanied by a gourmet slice of wedding cake, purely aesthetic and sublimated in meticulous detail by the hands of Belo from Wedding Cake and Co.

Every moment was captured in time by the lenses of Charaf Wedding Production, immortalizing the start of a new page in their lives together.

The cohesion of this exceptional team made for a fresh, radiant result!

Silvia Daniele’s sumptuous yellow dress and wedding gown were made-to-measure exclusively for this universe, to create an absolute cohesion with a reminder of the era in today’s modernity. She adapted the dress design to the world of the Bal Masqué with beautiful volumes, and tastefully matched the colors of the satin fabrics to the decor for a prodigious balance.

Pastries, bright, bucolic floral arrangements, masks transformed into delicate accessories and cameos completed this unique visual harmony.

By revisiting this contemporary masked ball through the luminous photographs of Priscilla Puzenat, we bring you the magic of this encounter and the beauty of this radiant wedding. The color of the sun becomes the symbol of a luminous love, capable of shining even through mystery.”

Photographer Priscilla Puzenat Photographe
Venue: Château de Nainville les Roches
Stylist/Planner/Designer Planner, concept and celebrant: Emoove Paris
Floral Designer Scenographer & floral designer: Fox’s Design
Dress Designer Bridal designer: Silvia Daniele
Cake Designer Wedding cake: Wedding Cakes & Co
Makeup Artist Jenni Hausmann
Hair Stylist Jenni Hausmann
Rentals Furniture: Le Cabinet des Renards
Accessories/Decor Flatlay accessories: The Flatlay Design
Videographer: Charaf Wedding Prod
Bridal model : Sara Maurizi
Groom model : Tom
Bridal shoes: Something Bleu Shoes
Jewels : Jonida Ripani
Harpist: Ju’ Roggia
Rings : Perrigot Joailliers
Champagne: Ruinart

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