The Boone Family

The Boone family was captured in such a wonderful way, with an organic & natural feel that fits so perfectly. This sweet family knows how to weather a storm in togetherness, bringing them ever closer & showing the world what a beautiful family relationship looks like. Truly inspirational to read more from their lives below!

What does family mean to you? Outside of Jesus, family is everything. Family relationships are foundational to life. We tell our kids all the time, when you hurt each other and tear each other down you are hurting yourself. We are all one team and you can’t hurt the team. There is so much richness in being a part of something that can never go away. Even if you lose your family members, it doesn’t change your belonging. I think that teaches us all so much responsibility to be aware of how we treat each other everyday. No man is an island.

If you had one piece of advice for other families, what would it be? We moved to a smaller town a couple of years ago and I think it has been really sweet for our family life. It is easier to prioritize the right things and to have the space to enjoy the little things when you aren’t being pulled in so many directions. I love that there isn’t much new in our town and I don’t feel pressure to not miss out. So my advice would be move to a smaller town haha!

Tell us a fun or silly story that happened to your family recently! We came home on Saturday night after leaving our kids with a babysitter. All three of our kids sleep in different rooms and they were all in the same room together asleep. I love their sweet relationships with each other.

What have you recently done to put family as a major focus in your life? My husband is a resident, a doctor in training. He works very long hours. This has been hard in some ways and sweet in many ways, because we know that we have to prioritize our family relationships. There is so little time with him, that we don’t feel torn a lot. We know that our hours are numbered, so we have to spend them well.

Any lessons you learned as a family through the last year? Yes, we have had a lot of loss over the past few years. We have lost my dad, one of our twins and had multiple miscarriages. As hard as it has been, it has softened all of us to each other. We are more thankful and tender, because of our story.

What’s your favorite family pastime together? Our family has the most fun running/walking to the farmer’s markets on Saturday mornings. Some of our most fun days have been when it is pretty out, working in the garden afterwards and then making a delicious lunch from our farmer’s market finds.

Photographer: Ginnifer Heinrichs
Film Lab: Photo Vision

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