Family Session at the Scott Arboretum

Family Session at the Scott Arboretum

A sweet family session at the Scott Arboretum in Philadelphia with stunning light pouring through the blooming trees that gave the images a magical feel. This session was captured so beautifully on film documenting the joy of Erika, Josh and Iley!

What have you recently done to put family as a major focus in your life?
Josh and I have dreamed of having a family ever since we started dating back in high school, it truly feels like we are living our dream. We put our family first every single day, we spend meals together, time outside, and take breaks from work throughout the day just to spend a little extra time with our girl.

Erika and Josh are fellow East Coast wedding/film photographers and it was such an honor to capture their family this spring! We found the most beautiful spot at The Scott Arboretum in Philadelphia, PA. The trees were blooming, the light was gorgeous and it was a perfect 75 degree spring day. The images are taken all on my contax645 and processed by Photovision! -Courtney Dueppengiesser Photography

What’s your favorite family pastime together? We love traveling and adventuring with our little girl! We are fortunate enough to be able to travel a ton for our work so we love to bring her along and show her new places. Watching her experience new things, whether that be a new scenery or food we love watching her little eyes as she discovers new things, it’s truly magical!

What are the best things you’ve learned from each other? Life is precious and beautiful. As long as you are happy and healthy, nothing else matters.

Any lessons you learned as a family through the last year? Slowing down to stop and smell the roses is okay. Having a baby has opened our eyes to so much. One of my favorite lessons that we have learned is that it is okay to be in the now and stop to smell the roses. She will only be this little once and I want to soak it in for as long as possible. As adults, we are always thinking ahead to the next thing, but with her, I do my best to stop and be in the moment as much as I can. She reminds us that the world is truly a magical place and we love reliving it through her.

What does family mean to you? Every parent says this but it’s true, family means everything. I’ve always dreamed of being a mom one day. I’ve pictured it in my head over and over again but even in my wildest and grandest dreams, it doesn’t compare to how it is in real life. The love Josh and I have for Iley is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. She is our everything.

Tell us a fun or silly story that happened to your family recently! I know this is cheesy, but every day with Iley is fun! She is such a sassy little one, she keeps us on our toes every day. She’s got a lot of personality and always a lot to say. She loves to gabber over adult conversations and makes her voice the loudest in the room.

If you had one piece of advice for other families, what would it be? Soak in every stage. We are so quick to move on to the next thing that we forgot to appreciate the stage and moment we are currently in. So stop and enjoy it because there will be a time you wish you could go back and relive it.

Photographer: Courtney Dueppengiesser
Venue: Scott Arboretum
Film Lab: Photovision

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