The Mountains and My Love: Eric & Jessica

The Mountains and My Love: Eric & Jessica

Smoky Mountains Wedding Inspiration

Over-the-moon love birds with an affinity for mountains? Yes, please! 

It’s easy to see this pair is just absolutely smitten for one another, and what better place to celebrate the affections than in the rugged terrain that captivates them nearly as much as each other? I give you, Eric & Jessica! 

A word from photographer, Timothy Monk

“From the moment that I met this couple, it was clear to me that Eric and Jessica were truly meant for each other. Jessica has this sweet childlikeness that inspires you to explore the world. Her face wears such joy and wonder and conversation with her is always filled with laughter. I would describe Eric as the steady rock, who would confidently and quietly chop the wood to prepare a campfire that they would sit in front of. Complete with gooey s’mores and snuggling to stay warm. They both have such a sense of adventure and a kindred spirit to enjoy nature and the outdoors. It only made sense that they would make their declare their vows in the open air of the magnificent smoky mountains. The ceremony took place one the side of a cliff overlooking Fall Creek Falls State Park.

Every detail of this wedding was intentional, from the lace on her dress to the hiking boots Jessica chose to wear. We all saw her coming down the aisle runner carefully laid over the dirt path. She was a breath of fresh air as she gracefully strolled with bouquet in hand to meet her joyous groom. All eyes were on the bride while her lace cathedral veil trailed behind. Surrounded by the sound of leaves rustling in the trees and layers of mountains as the backdrop only elevated this moment. This was the place, in beautiful smiling nature, where the two became one.”

Love notes from the couple, Eric & Jessica:

How did you two meet? What were your first impressions of one another?

Jessica: “It was a mutual friends birthday party. Eric lived right next door to a friend of mine and I happened to come celebrate with some of my friends. Eric approached me with a celebratory tequila shot and we hit it off right away. We couldn’t stop talking to each other and did not stop even when I flew home to south Florida the next morning. We talked every day while they were apart and when I got back we went on their first official date.”

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Any special ways you incorporated your family or family history into your wedding day?

Jessica: “If you were to ask me one of the favorite memories from our wedding it would be the fact that both sides are the reason everything went so smoothly… It was amazing because it was the first time that both sides met each other and they really worked together to get everything done and ready for the big day! I had people helping with the planning, envisioning, decorating, ironing table clothes, and everything in between. We also had a family remembrance walkway through Fall Creek Falls up until where the Secret Overlook was located. We had pictures of different family members and their souses hung up in the trees in beautiful picture frames. It was a family affair!”

If you had one piece of advice for other couples, what would it be?

“Communicate always… no matter if it’s a good or a bad thing you might be discussing… talking things out ALWAYS leads to resolution. It’s better to TRY then not at all. So many people are afraid of getting their feelings hurt or hurting the other persons feelings… well if you don’t talk about the things that are bothering you how is anybody supposed to know what is hurting the other person nonetheless grow together? TALK ALWAYS… FOREVER QUICKLY… love hard.”

What is the most honest thing you can say about love?

“That it is hilarious, wonderful, crazy, hard, and the most beautiful thing a human being is blessed to be able to experience in their lifetime.”

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photographer: Timothy Monk Photography / venue: The Secret Overlook at Fall Creek Falls / floral designer: Wildflower Wedding Co / dress boutique: David’s Bridal / dress designer: Galina Signature / hair stylist:Crystal Young – Blondies Salon / men’s formalwear: Calvin Klein / reception venue: The Grandview Lodge / band – Jason Howard / film lab: Richard Photo Lab

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