Pearls and Yellow Bridal Dresses

Pearls and Yellow Bridal Dresses

We love when a bridal look goes non-traditional. This yellow bridal dress does just that, adding in glorious rays of color and ruffles for literal days. Would you rock a dress like this?

from the photographer: “Pearls are special in their rarity, but also because they are the only gem to come from a living creature. In this regard, we set out to embody our Mother Earth in Feliz, who is wearing a one-of-a-kind custom yellow gown by Millia London, symbolic of the oyster that protects and houses the beautiful pearl. Feliz strolls the intimate garden, full of lush greenery and ornate nooks and crannies. The tree-lined walkways surround the garden, with quiet protection. With earth tones flowing through each vignette, Feliz personifies the nurturing and life-giving sentiments of Mother Earth in all its beauty and gentle affection.”

Photographer: Kristin La Voie Photography / Venue: Jennifer’s Garden / Stylist / Planner / Designer: Kristin La Voie Photography / Dress Boutique: Millia London / Dress Designer: Millia London / Makeup Artist: Raychill James / Hair Stylist: Raychill James / Accessories / Decor: Shop Moss / Film Lab: The Find Lab / Model: Feliz

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