McKayla & Garrett’s Engagement

McKayla & Garrett’s Engagement

McKayla & Garrett opted for a very classy and formal engagement session to celebrate each other and we are loving it! Check out their story below:

from the photographer: “After ten years together, these inseparable high school sweethearts got engaged at a rooftop restaurant as their closest friends and family members looked on. Garrett and McKayla fell in love with the European style of the Andrews Farm, deciding it was the perfect backdrop for their big day. Their engagement photos, by Sthefanie Carriker, captured the couple’s love for one another as they strolled through the farm’s gardens, by the pool, and around the modern European-inspired farmhouse with their furbabies in tow. The promise the couple made to stay by one another’s sides throughout their wedding day is only fitting since they have done so throughout the last decade and will continue to do so for many decades to come.” 

Tell me the story of how the two of you met.

Garrett and I met in highschool… So YES, we made it! Lol, I love telling others that we are highschool sweethearts. I think this may date my age when I tell you that Garrett messaged me on Twitter one night. I had no idea who in the world this boy was, I just knew his profile picture was so cute. I remember falling asleep, without replying, oops. (He still gives me a hard time about that.) And waking up the next morning to the message saying, “We should text sometimes.” I replied with the biggest smiley emoji that I could find, and the rest is history. We instantly became inseparable and best friends, you know once we passed the awkward stage. We started dating when he was 14 and I 15. It is crazy to believe 10 years have flashed by so quickly.

Tell me your proposal story.

Well, if you know Garrett, you know he loves his Mama. It was his mom’s birthday, so of course, I knew we would be celebrating her somewhere beautiful. Little did I know, Garrett, my mom, and his mom secretly arranged for all of our closest friends and family to be seated at the rooftop restaurant of Restoration Hardware waiting for me to walk up the steps to meet Garrett. It was the most beautiful surprise to look around and see so many faces of the people we love and who love us right back. I think Garrett said all of 4 words before placing the ring on my finger. We were both in shock. It was the most thoughtful, sweetest night.

Why did you choose to have your photos taken at the above locations?

The Andrews Farm in Midland, NC is a charming venue… We chose to have our engagement pictures here, because this is where we are getting married and wanted to get a feel for the space. The venue is absolutely gorgeous, and reminds me of one of my favorite places in the entire world, Italy. The design of the home, the land, and the European feel made me fall in love with this venue.

Each of you: What is your favorite thing about the other person?

My favorite thing about Garrett is that he can go from the country club to the woods. I tell him this all the time. He loves to dress up and enjoy nice nights out. But he also loves to hunt, fish, get dirty, work on his trucks, etc. He is an amazing person with so many different qualities that I admire.

My favorite thing about McKayla is her work ethic. She wakes up ready to start her day and accomplish whatever is placed before her.

Each of you: Tell me what you are most excited for on your wedding day?

I am most excited to enjoy the day with Garrett and just be present. We promised to each other that we would stay by one another’s side throughout the day to take it all in. I cannot wait to see all of our family, friends, guests, vendors and thank them for all they have poured into making our day imperfectly, perfect for us.

Bride: McKayla Henry
Groom: Garrett Henry
Venue: The Andrews Farm
Photographer: Sthefanie Carriker
Hair: Lyndsey Corns Beauty
Makeup: Devin Brye Artistry
Outfit #1 (Hers): Patbo
Outfit #2 (Hers): Asos Bridal
Outfit #1 (His): Compliments Custom Clothier
Shoes (Hers): Asos
Shoes (His): Louis Vuitton
Dog Collar: Bonefly


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