Mackenzie and Cliff’s Historic Mansion Royal...

Mackenzie and Cliff’s Historic Mansion Royal Elopement

This small and intimate wedding by a historic mansion just oozes royal wedding vibes, and we’re loving it! Even if you have to have a smaller wedding, who says it can’t be all fancy?! We hope you enjoy seeing Mackenzie and Cliff’s day!

How did you both meet?

Cliff and I met through mutual friends (a husband and wife) along with a little help from our parents. It was all in perfect timing and actually quite serendipitous. I remember the exact moment when I received a call from my friend who said she had the perfect guy for me to meet. She spoke very highly of him, but timing wasn’t right on either side. I didn’t think about it again until my stepfather was describing what sounded like the same guy, I had heard about from my friend just a few months earlier. Cliff’s mother and my stepfather were business friends and took it upon themselves to play matchmaker. Coincidently, our mutual friends had once again brought up this idea to both Cliff and me. I think Cliff and I were both doubtful about any blind date, particularly at the suggestion of our parents. However, knowing they had not collaborated with our friends, we agreed to the date. We laugh about this now, but it was actually a really awkward night. I was so nervous that I couldn’t form words. I felt like I was back in grade-school terrified of boys and unable to speak. It turned out to be an enjoyable evening with friends, but I was mortified and certain nothing would persist after that introduction. To my surprise, Cliff contacted me a few weeks later and asked me to dinner with just the two of us. At this point, my nerves were gone, and I thought if anything I will just have a new friend. We had an intimate dinner and shared in what felt like an endless conversation. We quickly became smitten over each other and the rest is history.

What is your proposal story?

May 26, 2019 – It was a perfect May evening and we were preparing to take our two dogs (Nala and Dagny) for a walk. I went outside to find Cliff and our dogs waiting for me on the front steps. Cliff had previously attached the ring to Nala’s “everyday” collar, which had to be removed and replaced with her “walking” collar. I was totally oblivious that the ring was attached to the collar and I tossed it onto the porch against the brick wall. Cliff, very calmly, reached down to retrieve the discarded collar. He carefully draped it across Nala’s back and held the ring in his hand for my observance and looked at me. This, still did not capture my attention. I proceeded to the street with Dagny until I heard him say my name. I looked back and saw Cliff was holding the collar and something was attached. He said “Mackenzie, you make me so happy. Will you marry me?”. I was in total shock, I had always pictured Cliff getting down on one knee while in the mountains or on a beach. To make it even better, the proposal and my surprised reaction was captured on our Nest video. The entire moment was 100% ‘us’ and the best proposal ever.

Photography: ANDI BRAVO PHOTOGRAPHY | Ceremony Venue: Harwelden Mansion | Reception Venue: Harwelden Mansion | Event Planning: Mary fencl Events | Floral: Penelope and Lu | Stationery: Amy Lee Illustration | Hair: Nichol Brazeal | Makeup: StunningByStarla | Submitted via: Matchology

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