Lavender & Kiwi Bridal Inspiration

Lavender & Kiwi Bridal Inspiration

Today’s lavender & kiwi bridal inspiration is fine art with a fun twist focusing on a color palette not commonly used. Beautiful florals & fruits were used to decorate the table, adding in fruit to the tablescape brings such a lively feel that I believe only fruit can give. The model showcased two completely different looks adding in much variety that compliments the original design inspiration & shows the flexibility of the lavender & kiwi green color palette!

“Our inspiration behind this editorial is the color palette lavender and kiwi green. We wanted to create an editorial using this palette that’s not very commonly used in weddings but is suitable for any season, whether its in the Spring or in the Fall. With that in mind, the florals used and the decorative fruits from the tablescape reflects that. We also carefully chose each decor pieces so they can elevate the main color palette and design. Bobo from Beigeweddings was the photographer and she shot this editorial in medium format film. We love the aesthetics and quality that film gives off and we feel the editorial brought out that beauty.

For this editorial, we also have 2 different looks for the model. A more natural look paired with a grey contemporary dress and the other, a more bold and formal look. We wanted to showcase the 2 contrasting looks with the same color palette of lavender and kiwi green florals. How the palette can work well with different styling.” – Kiki Uyede

Photographer: Beige Weddings
Florals, Styling, and Decor: Hanaki Floral Design
Makeup & Hair: Faye Smith Agency
Model: Alyssa Thackray from Alaeria Agency
White Gown: Luxx Nova Boutique
Grey Gown: Beige Weddings
Stationary: The Ayla View
Venue: The Wallace Venue (North Vancouver, Canada)

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