Laguna Beach Engagement: Thomas & Jessica

Laguna Beach Engagement: Thomas & Jessica

Sometimes love finds itself at opposite ends of the country, brought together in this digital age by a simple click. Thomas and Jessica’s story is one that shows that despite any geographical boundaries, love can find a way to flourish and connect. We loved hearing about how they met, and the photos taken for their engagement session by White Wren Collaborative Member Bramble & Vine are absolutely breathtaking! Enjoy this beautiful story taken in Laguna Beach, California.

How did you two meet? What were your first impressions of one another?

To be honest we met online on Plenty of Fish app and met in person at a bar in Oceanside, CA. Yet coincidentally, we got to know each other on the east coast! I had taken a travel nurse contract in Maryland and he had to take a military course in Virginia. Well, I wanted to pursue my travel nursing career and see the US. So at that time I didn’t want a boyfriend. But Thomas happened to have to take a class on the east coast too and he reached out to me, pursuing me regardless. So the second time we met was on the east coast was when my family was in town. I told him we can hang out, but if he wanted to hang with me he had to hang with my family. And he said “Ok, why not?”! We went to dinner with my family, which I thought was pretty bold since we didn’t know each other well. Afterwards, he showed me around DC and the east coast. That’s where we got to know each other. He even took me to a mud bog and we caught fireflies together cuz I’ve never seen them! Then he went back to CA when his course was done and I moved back to the West Coast, because we had fallen in love!

He proposed in Costa Rica. He had hid a message in a bottle in the sand. We went on an ATV ride on the beach and pulled over to go in the water. I saw the bottle and opened it and he wrote ‘will you marry me?’. He then got on one knee and pulled out the ring!

Tell us a funny story relating to your wedding day or relationship!

So a couple months after we met I (Jessica) decided to take a travel nursing position in MD and Thomas had to take a military course in VA (this was not planned). When we were there I had a friend in the air force who was coming to visit me and we were going to do a girl’s night out. Thomas had invited me to a party at his friend Kenny’s house but I blew him off for my friend. My friend told me she changed her mind and wanted us to go to a house party. When I asked her who’s it was, it was Thomas’s friend Kenny’s party! So had I not met him months earlier I would have met him anyway at our mutual friend’s party. We are from opposite sides of the country and our friends know each other…now if that’s not fate I don’t know what is.

Describe a hurdle you had to overcome in your relationship or during your wedding planning.

A hurdle we encountered was that Thomas’ family lives in VA and NC and Jessica’s family lives in CA. A lot of our family could not afford to travel. We were going to do a destination wedding but we didn’t want to burden them with having to get passports so we decided if they had to travel far we’d keep it in the states. So we opted for a Temecula CA wedding. It was magical and we had a good turnout.

Any special ways you incorporated your family or family history into your wedding day?

Thomas’s grandparents gave us their bible with their names on it that they used at their wedding. Our pastor read scripture out of their bible.

Jessica also wore her late great grandmother’s pearl bracelet on their wedding day. It’s a family tradition to wear her bracelet.

What part of your wedding day was/is most important to you?

The most important part of our wedding day was spending time with family and friends and to celebrate our love for one another. Although our wedding was extravagant (Jessica’s mother did a great job of that), we didn’t care much about the minute details on the actual wedding day; we just focused on each other.

What is the best thing you’ve learned from one another?

The best thing Jessica has learned from Thomas is to focus on the current moment and to enjoy adventure. Thomas has learned better communication from Jessica.

What is your favorite thing about each other?

Thomas says Jessica’s butt and smile. Haha! But in a serious note he loves her generosity and smile.

Jessica loves Thomas’s even-keeled personality and his patience.

What was your favorite part about planning your wedding?

Cake tasting! And for Jessica picking the dress of course!

If you had one piece of advice for other couples, what would it be?

Patience and communication is key! Pick your battles, don’t fight over the small stuff. We also plan a lot of life’s events…not in a type A way, but we like to make sure we are on the same page before making decisions.

What is the most honest thing you can say about love?

Love takes patience and understanding.

1 Corinthians 13!

Photographer: Bramble and Vine Creative

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