Joyful Houston Engagement Session Under the South ...

Joyful Houston Engagement Session Under the South Boulevard Oaks: Caroline & Joe

Houston Engagement Session

There is such sweetness in simple coexistence.

Somebody once told me that you’ll know you’ve found your person when doing nothing together is your idea of a perfect pastime. It’s easy to fall in love with grand gestures or breathtaking dinner plans, but the very substance of love doesn’t need entertainment to sustain it: it is — in its quiet simplicity — utterly captivating. The gravity with which it tugs at your soul is undivided, and suddenly holding hands and leaning on their shoulder is the grandest adventure indeed.

A word from photographer Kaley Gross of Kailey Elaine Photography:

“Caroline and Joe are the sweetest! We photographed their engagement session at the gorgeous South Boulevard in Houston, TX. They brought their adorable dog and we popped a bottle of French champagne to celebrate! These two were such naturals in front of the camera and were so much fun to photograph. You can see how much they love each other and how much fun they have together through the images!”

Love notes from the couple, Caroline & Joe:

How did you two meet? What were your first impressions of one another?

Caroline: “We met at a college Halloween party I was hosting with my roommates. He stood out to me right when he walked in because I had never seen him before and I thought he was really handsome. I kept staring all night and I guess so did he, but he eventually came over to say ‘Hi’ and introduce himself. We only got to speak for a minute before he had to leave and honestly I can’t remember the conversation very well because all the blood rushed to my head with nerves.”

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What is your favorite thing about each other?

Caroline: “Just being near each other. Whether we’re laughing at stupid jokes or sitting next to each other reading, nothing beats just being with him.”

Describe a hurdle you had to overcome in your relationship.

Caroline: “Joe graduated from college a year before me, so we had to do a year of long distance. It was tough not being able to both be in the same stage of life and it was certainly hard not being near him. But I graduated and joined him a quick year later and we haven’t looked back since.”

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Tell us a funny story relating to your relationship!

“We’re going to Italy for over two weeks on our honeymoon and we’re worried we’ll love it so much, we’ll decide to stay. (Don’t tell our bosses that)”

What was your favorite part about planning your wedding?

Caroline: “I think we might be kind of unique on this but we have genuinely enjoyed planning our wedding together. Every part of it has been so easy and neither of us is overcomplicating everything. It also helps so much that Joe is helping make decisions. In fact we’ve really done everything together, and we both have enjoyed that!”

What part of your wedding day is most important to you?

“The marriage. Don’t get me wrong, we’re excited to celebrate our love with our friends and family but we can’t wait to just be husband and wife.”

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What is the most honest thing you can say about love?

“It’s a feeling but it’s also a choice you make everyday.”

If you had one piece of advice for other couples, what would it be?

“Your wedding should not be the best day of your life because of the party or the flowers or the band, it should be the best day because you get to marry the person you love and be celebrated by people you love.”

Best Wedding Ideas Blog Oak Alley Engagement Inspiration Best Wedding Ideas Blog Oak Alley Engagement Inspiration

photographer: Kaley Elaine Photography / venue: South Boulevard in Houston, TX

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