From the Dry and Barren Comes Beauty

In the wasteland, there are still signs of life. What might appear to be dry and dead, often has hidden tokens of growth if we stop, be still, and look closely enough. Funny enough, life can be the same way. Sometimes we overlook the small details of joy because we are overtaken by a big picture that looks lifeless. Taking the time to stop and smell the literal roses isn’t just a metaphor, it’s a necessity. A wise speaker I heard this past week said that science has now proven that our bodies recover best and fastest when we are outside in nature, taking quiet time to just enjoy what is around us. So today I encourage you to go outside, sit in the grass, and let the sun soak into your face. Breath deeply, and rest.

That is the essence of this boudoir session from Hovering Heart Photography. We hope that it inspires you and transports you to a similar quiet place, where life is found even among the slightly scorched earth.

Photographer: Hovering Heart Photography / venue: Scottsdale Desert / stylist / planner / designer: Hovering Heart Photography  / floral designer: The Wildflower AZ / dress boutique: Pretty Robes / dress + veil designer: lovelybride / makeup artist: Kyra Cosmetics  / accessories / decor: lovelybride / film lab: Photovision

Publisher at The White Wren

Publisher at The White Wren and Bajan Wed, Award Winning Photography + Videographer at Live View Studios, Dad, 80s music lover, crunchy health advocate

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