French Castle Romance Shoot

A romantic french castle shoot that embodies delicate sophistication. With a minimalistic approach & two separate tablescape looks, one bold & colorful, the other having a more muted fall color palette with pops of gold. This editorial was designed with careful curation, bringing in refined details & almost an aged feel, the final outcome was nothing short of stunning!

“It was a beautiful sunny day of September. I traveled through Burgundy where I had the honor of visiting and discovering the Domaine du Réveillon. A typical french castle of the modern era that could make most future brides and grooms dream with its magnificent height. This large impressive house proudly displays a red brick façade, a large hall highlighted by a checkered floor and provides a vast number of living and reception rooms in a refined and authentic decor. This former seigniorial residence was the ideal location for the realization of this Fall Romance editorial. With its elegant and refined characteristics, the Domaine du Reveillon offers possibility to plan intimate or highly styled weddings for couples looking for a french castle atmosphere. Actually this jewel is located in the heart of a landscaped garden which, with its hundred-year-old trees and different perspectives, reveals a pretty monochrome of browns in autumn.” – Sandrine Rosette of Organsa Wedding Planner

In order to capture this editorial, we chose to collaborate with the talented Camy Duong for photography and Pierre & Julia for cinematography. Fine Art style was relevant to us to give this soft and poetic vision in the middle of autumn. Olysia and Charles, a multi-origins french-american-russian real life couple, embodied my ideal bride and groom. In collaboration with Kahina Events, we imagined two distinct atmospheres for an intimate wedding. The idea was to blend these ones in a different but consistent combination in order to plan a rehearsal dinner and a reception dinner. Elegant decor was our main guideline for the first ambience. This guided us to dress the table with noble materials such as pink linen, pearly table silver and beautiful china from Maison Options Paris. We added pink hydrangea for a bit of extravagance matching a bride-to-be dressed in glittery pastel silk tulle dress from Oksana Mukha Paris. These different elements helped us to create an environment combining softness, poetry and romanticism.” – Sandrine Rosette of Organsa Wedding Planner

As far as the second atmosphere is concerned, keeping in mind the idea of composing with exquisite materials, we opted for a purer mood characterized by a fall color palette, complementary with the authentic interior decor. The tableware choice was also crucial for this wedding design. Filet gold china for the timeless touch, wooden silverware for the natural look and a trio of smoked glasses to contrast the composition were the main keys for this decoration. The floral arrangements were made in various pastel shades of ivory and orange to ensure continuity of softness and to add on glow. The final touch of this reception dinner was the ornate wedding cake made by Cupsicake, toning the overall picture. As stationery was important to us, we selected Summer Yang Calligraphy which creations are made distinctive by their genuineness. She works with recycled paper or handmade paper manufactured with delicate cotton fiber. Concerning our dear couple, the groom wore a terra cotta linen tailor made suit from “By-monsieur”. The bride was glamorized by a haute couture creation from Oksana Mukha, composed of Chantilly lace, embroidered with handmade flowers and adorned with pearls. Simple and discreet jewels from the french house Joaillier du Marais were added to the refined bride’s outfit.
To conclude, this Fall Romance editorial is an example of delicacy, minimalism and sophistication.” – Sandrine Rosette of Organsa Wedding Planner

Photographer: CAMY DUONG
Wedding Designer: KAHINA EVENTS
Cake Designer: CUPSICAKE
Hair Stylist: Fanny Wong BEAUTY
Men’s Formalwear BY MONSIEUR
Stationery: Summer Yang Calligraphy
Accessories / Decor KAHINA EVENTS
Videographer PIERRE ET JULIA

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