Back to Simplicity Wedding Inspiration

Back to Simplicity Wedding Inspiration

Beautifully minimal. Just two people in love. That’s really all you need, and something this past year has taught us. Strip away the expensive add ons, and you can still get married with just two people and a whole lot of love.

from the photographer: “Back to Minimalism. Reduce to the Max!

After our world has been shaken, it’s a human necessity to rethink what is really important. It’s time to reflect the meaning of love and marriage and what it represents for a couple.

When it comes to love the last year taught us, that we don’t need much to celebrate love. We humbly learned that we can be incredibly grateful and feel blessed by having just the two of us. Two lovers, who stand by each other in good times and in bad times. These words are a tradition and have been said a lot and now finally we really feel the truth behind them.

Having the privilege of spending time with our loved ones is the new luxury. Enjoying every minute, every hour, every day together is all that counts.
Don’t get me wrong, we love big parties and photographing them. And we’ll for sure continue to have them in the near future. But it is the core of our togetherness that in the end is all that matters.

With this shoot, we from A Twist of Lemon, invite you to look back, dig deep inside of you and feel what love is all about. Each and every flower is important, every gesture, every piece tells a story and witnesses love. It is from this very core that we will be able to celebrate life and love in a bigger way and with much more authenticity than before.

Love, simplicity, individual luxury, architectural light, and traditional energy, those are the keywords of our shoot. The photos were taken in a hybrid mode, analog and digital. A perfect conjunction between fast and modern, slow, and timeless. It’s definitely time to take the speed out and to reduce to the max!

The venue we chose is very Austrian and close to the capital, Vienna. The imperial Castle Eckartsau dates to the 12th century. It’s the perfect match for these times as the castle is splendid baroque-elegant while being homely, close to nature and private, always in harmony with its environment, simply charming and unique.
The jewelry we chose is a necklace with five rows of white coral, connected with a bridge of diamonds and a salmon-colored coral-drop, earrings made of rainbow-moonstone, diamonds, and salmon colored coral in roségold and a salmon-colored coral ring with yellow gold.

In ancient times, coral was held as a protective stone against evil ghosts and black magic and the moonstone is said to have healing power. It is the message this jewelry carries for this loving couple that gives meaning to them, protection, and healing. These are two qualities needed during these times.

As for the flowers, we chose peonies, roses, carnations, gloriosa, asclepia and anethum. Peonies, roses, and carnations stand for romance, prosperity, good fortune, a happy marriage, and compassion. They also have a connection with the bride’s dress. The gowns corsage is made of interesting architectural lines that find their way back in the flowers itself and the composition, reflecting the architecture of nature, the castle, and the perfect imperfections of simplicity.

Back to minimalism, back to love, back to the meaning of togetherness and timeless elegance.”

Photographer: A Twist of Lemon
Venue: Castle Eckartsau
Stylist / Planner / Designer: Verena Kindermann
Floral Designer: Blumengestalten
Dress Boutique: Das Kleid Salzburg
Cake Designer: Das Tortenstudio
Makeup Artist: Daniela Mudri
Hair Stylist: Daniela Mudri
Men’s Formalwear: Pilatus
Film Lab: Carmencita Film Lab
Stationery: Bloom Wedding
Stationery (print): Druck im 12ten
Models: Body and soul
Jewelry: Schullin

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