Delicate Bridal Boudoir Inspired by Botticelli

Delicate Bridal Boudoir Inspired by Botticelli

A delicate bridal boudoir inspired by Botticelli’s Three Graces, from his painting La Primavera. The beautiful Muse Atelier where the session took place is furnished with all kinds of vintage treasures, the most prominent being the incredible bed used in the portraits. From the bed to the matching mirrors and pink velvet couch, Muse Atelier offered the perfect backdrop for such artistic illustration. Elegantly designed, this bridal boudoir brought a vision of expressing inner beauty to life. Capturing the graceful beauty of the female form in its entirety, you’re sure to be captivated!


From the Photographer – “Inspired by Botticelli’s Three Graces, from his painting La Primavera, the idea of this light & wispy vintage bridal boudoir shoot was born. My goal was to capture the beauty of the female form in its entirety, especially during the process of getting married. There is so much excitement around the wedding day, but portraits like these allow you to stop and focus on yourself and your fiancé. Taking cues from the Three Graces, my vision for these portraits are for them to bring the inner beauty to the surface using light and airy fabrics, luxurious jewelry, and plentiful white/natural light.

After the shoot, one of the models reached out to me and shared how her experience was showing these photos to her husband. He loved the photos, and she remarked to me, “My photos made me feel beautiful and confident, which believe me when I tell you, has positively impacted our marriage.”

Though my initial intention for the shoot was a pursuit of beauty and artistic expression, that comment revealed to me that we’d achieved a much greater reward than beauty: self-love and acceptance.”

Photographer: Christi Elizabeth Photography / Venue: Muse Atelier / Stylist / Planner / Designer: Christi Elizabeth Photography / Cake Designer: My Favorite Sweets / Makeup Artist: Vanessa with EV Artistry / Hair Stylist: Vanessa with EV Artistry / Accessories / Decor: Hair Accessories – Alyson Nicole & The Lucky Sixpence / Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab /Robes and/or Lingerie: Tres Sur / Caresse / Lace Atelier / Jewelry: Edera & Alyson Nicole / Shoes: House of Elliot / Badgely Mischka

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