Charleston with Michael & Christie

Charleston with Michael & Christie

This beautiful editorial in Charleston with Michael & Christie is a stunning set that gives us a charming elopement feel. This day was filled with fashionable elements and all the beauty the city has to offer! Exploring the historical streets of Charleston creates endless captivating photo opportunities that make you want to revisit over and over again!

Charleston is a bucket list location for me. There’s something magical about the history-filled town. With beautiful architecture and colorful buildings, it’s hard not for anyone to be drawn to the location. When Michael and Christie arrived in the beautiful dress from Andrea’s Bridal, her furry heels, and Michael’s black corduroy suit I knew magic was going to be created that day. I already knew it was going to be a perfect film day. I don’t shoot film in the traditional sense. I don’t use a meter or look at my settings, I shoot how I feel it needs to be shot. It feels more natural that way. I’m able to be creative, not get into my head about whether or not I did something right and I’m truly able to be present. I think the images speak for themselves on just how magical the day was in the film shots. -Felisha Lees

Photographer: Felisha Lees Photography
Venue: Charleston, SC
Film Lab: PhotoVision
Dress: Grayce Bridal
Bride model: Christie Trainer
Groom model: Michael Fekete

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